The Dolan Twins Ur Girls Fav Food

Catfish, pizza, peanut butter, jelly

Your girl like it so much, she be blowin’ up my celly!

I know she like that shit, she ain’t even gotta tell me

Come over to my house so I can put it in her belly!

Catfish, pizza, peanut butter, jelly!…

The Dolan Twins Roasting Each Other


Hey is it possible to put auto tune on?

Oh perfect

I didn’t want to sound like a second grader (I feel like I still sound like a…)

I’m for real about to quit

Say goodbye to Tuesday

Everybody knows this is over without Gray

You’re super immature and I’m done with your child’s play (yeah)

Might be your bro but I’m bigger in every way!

I didn’t wanna do this but you bouta take this heat

Why your jawline look like a bicycle seat?

And your hair looks like the blue airhead a little kid would eat

You should have thought this through before you tried to start this beef!

Because compared to be it just isn’t fair

You can’t compete

How am I gonna take an L from a kid who peed his pants at our meet and greet

He peed his pants at our meet and greet

(Yo he’s 16 and peed his pants at our meet and greet)


Poor Grayson, can someone get this man a tish?

Thank you

You’ll be needing that later (yeah)

You can quit right now boy

I’m not gonna care (not at all!)

Wouldn’t be a bigger deal than my strand of blue hair

Number one in the world (uno)

I’m number one and you’re two

Pretty obvious no one comes to this channel for you (no they don’t)

YouTube, you know that these subs are for me (they’re all mine)

Cuz you nasty check your face in this pic where you sneezed

Next but not lastly (yeah) wanna get into this that last week

Your chick kissed me (and she knew it was E, aye)


You don’t have a girl…


Sorry (ok here we go)

Lookin’ at your follows

Something must have gone wrong there

How you getting all these likes

With your Jimmy Neutron hair (gotta blast)

Is something hanging from your ear?

Boy is that a tampon?

I can’t be dissed by a kid who stole his earring from his grandma (grandma)

Mess with me


You’re like me but you’re worse


You’re so cringe that it hurts


They say save the best for last that’s why you popped outta mom first


Why your hair cut look like a dorsal fin?


At least I’m not the twin with the Crimson Chin


Boy I could go on for days

Dissing you is too easy


You think you look good?

Prepubescent facial hair is cheesy!


You know what?

Straight up

You ugly as…