The Prize Fighter Inferno The Margretville Dance

Between You & Me,

how cautious we have become

Leaving it hooked & off the floor.

To think the better you might have know…with age.

With every breath

you wake a picture instilled the way

I wish you had lived with cause through pain.

No matter, you died the same…Machine.

So tell me like you want to, if you want me too.

(Here they come to rock your body all night)

When who’s to blame.

In a matter of fact I might

purely suggest we tell the truth.

From here on out we walk the straight…afraid.

What will they do

should we weather this new reply?

Patiently wait your proper end.

From shameless motive to hollow sin.

Cause I don’t want you come around here

I just want you to go.

I just want you to know.

Is this the way you watch the body die?

I don’t want your love before you rot.

The Prize Fighter Inferno 78

Have you heard the word on the street you’ve been walking down?

It says “Save yourself, my friend.”

Write this world an avenue & help yourself free of this sin.

I’ll be awaiting your ears.

I don’t want to love you anymore.

Have you learned from the herd that you’ve gone and mingled with?

That help will not come around.

Bite yourself with hope to break the skin & bone that keep you here.

This is my world as I see fit and you will not live.

I don’t want to love you anymore.

Here they come, my dear.

Last chance piggy there’s nobody in here.

Her they come, my dear.

When the worst comes a knockin’ then you better stand clear.

The Prize Fighter Inferno The Missing McCloud Boys

In the days when children sung

in the heart claimed, shattered sun.

You were right in telling them

where they were beneath the snow.

Space call God right now.

Let them be judged upon.

What they’ve done to him my son

in the snow before the sun.

Please God right now.

If they could only say all the things they saw, would they?

They were only boys.

With time I create, invest-investigate puzzle solved belated.

Which one killed my boy?

My question to the incriminating convoy.

I want death & blood for my sons

In the curse that warms the sun.

Please God right now.

If they could only say all the things they saw, would they?

They were only boys.

with time I create, invest-investigate puzzle solved belated.

The Prize Fighter Inferno The Going Price For Home

And I’ve paid the price of solitude with wish to worry while you’re away.

With all grace to allow my hand to travel & worth here across your face.

I love you more than you could know, in those eyes you hide it well. I think you do.

As I turn the wheels that round the ground across the Never, here against the Grave.

Now I’ve lost the only thing that matters to my life. Is now the dream?

I love you more than you could know, in those eyes you hide it well. I think you do.

Here I go, I’m on my home now to you.

And it hurts to hear you feel.

The Prize Fighter Inferno The Fight Of Moses Early & Sir Arthur McCloud

Now this is the beginning, dear.

Have you come to start a fight?

You say you won’t, but you know you might.

Push the living off this edge.

Oh Mother please…

They have no need

for your boy.

I’ve been bitten by disease, my dear.

The hurt has come within my heart.

Should you say you don’t, I might fall apart.

Come darkness shroud your end.

Oh Mother please…

They have no need

for your boy.

The Prize Fighter Inferno Wayne Andrews, The Old Bee Keeper

I’m the keeper of the bees, as you’ve known.

Just a worthless memory in this house.

Through the light of day & night will you notice me?

I’m the keeper of the bees; I’m a dead man.

Dear Diary, I won’t keep her awake anymore.

I won’t love her anymore, she won’t let me.

Just a journeyman’s journey to the end.

Will this road hold home for good, will I ever see?

Against this broken street I’ll gain, it will comfort me.

The Prize Fighter Inferno Easter

I don’t want to run around, run outside you kitchen.

In the front yard, outside where the children play.

Sandbox drifting in the land outside your missing.

Sail until Sunday just till the evenings gray.

It’s Easter, the sun & Cecilia.

I don’t want to lie against duck-tape cracked or crooked.

In the out door, left outside in the rain.

Bus ride longing for the face that I’ve been missing.

Seventeen looking for a day I long again.

It’s Easter, the sun & Cecilia.

The Prize Fighter Inferno Who Watches The Watchmen?

There’s a light in the shed that should help you find your way.

And through this door you deserve a beating through the Machine.

And little did you once know in the race for the telephone.

In the dark they watched us from here beyond the grave.

To bare the marks of His work are the Watchmen of our ways.

That which we feels untrue, if it’s me than it isn’t you.

Lay-down, relax, come on, how?

What you thought once was yours is ours now.

Stay with me to guide this dream

before they bury me.

I’ll be waiting up all night for you

in a nightmare that was made for me.

In the call of her screams should we leave and let them be?

Is her life worth as much as we once wished to believe?

So is it or isn’t so?

Am I dead now here in the snow?

In the foul of their play will then justice be engraved?

To bare the walk on the way to the killer and his blade.

The Prize Fighter Inferno Our Darling Daughter You Are, Little Cecilia Marie

To your knees with this daily passion

you don’t feel anything.

You couldn’t raise a knife across him.

Would you dare ask anyone to?

Take away all the blame,

what if you aren’t responsible?

Would it ease this life a little

to see him buried instead?

The sweat off back now sticks to the carpet.

As he pulls himself out from the press.

You couldn’t have asked for a better father,

the words once expressed from your mouth.

Now eat them away, or take to the grave.

You’re a pretty girl, honey.

If he would just die then I might be happy, Mother?

So count to sleep, my dearest Martha.

You know you should, but you won’t leave Arthur.

Would it not be for you, then please for the children?

Cause if you won’t they will, if you won’t they will.

Maybe for them, maybe them.

This is the last time, you’ll say in the shower.

As your blood curves a path when mixed with the water,

I’ll do it myself so it’s done.

To the right of all way I will bury his grave.

I’m a pretty girl, funny

Out from the woods a light burns in shadow,

unnoticed to a girl with a gun.

The Prize Fighter Inferno Accidents

Oh, come now father daer and turn this blood to choice.

You know I think these young are spent & have seen their day.

My back bares the scars of work while my sweat has cut the cost.

If my word to God isn’t bond then I’ll be damned to say.

This can’t be so bad

Only I sure did love the way she danced.

Oh, come now Preacher to where this flesh begins to spoil.

You know I think these young are done & have seen their day.

So could I remove their tongues of curse and cast away?

Oh these dirty games I play.

Long-Arm, you liar!

Go run home to Mama!

A good boy never gets to dance.

These good boys never get a chance.