Unearth Unstoppable

Wander this world with tired hands, wander these streets a broken man.

Been Through this time after time and it won’t be the last, but I won’t break again.

Second lease on a terminal chance.

Every step met with force and demands.

Reclaim all that loved and destroyed.

Belief lends a hand to the path of the strong.

I want to know, need to know, my next lesson.

I want to feel what’s alive inside of me.

I want to know, need to know, my impression.

I want to look inside and see what’s made to be.

I want to know.

Concede the loss of the some to fuel the life of others.

The Unstoppable.

Wondered alone, won’t break again.

Left forgotten and without hope, I still remain.

Can’t stop this heart, won’t break again, forever as stone.

Unearth Crow Killer

Capture your soul with a vengeful feast

I will hunt down and conquer

Send your best to the grave

For your crime they all will pay

I lurk in the shadows entombed in spite filled rage

No Crow will escape the blade

For your crime they all will pay

Hell on your earth

Hells wrath brought on your head

Hell on your Earth

For your crime I’ve suffered

They’ll pay with their blood

Hell on your Earth

Hell’s Wrath brought on your head

Hell on your earth

hells wrath brought on your head

Hell on your Earth

For your crime I’ve suffered

I’ve suffered

A 20 year way ends at last

This revered soldier lays his vengeance down

Unearth March Of The Mutes

How an we close our eyes when the walls around us wear thinner each day.

How can we mute our voices when a parade of chaos marches throughout the land.

This is the end, end of all.

We’ve been down this road before, yet we all just stand and watch.

Everlasting ignorance hes led our ways.

Forewarned, but still forgotten – our history erased.

This is the end of all.

Down on our knees we bow to hatred.

Down on our knees we fade away.

We’ve tried and failed.

Now Rome burns again.

This time it’s all of us.

This time it’s forever.

Unearth Stronghold

A vital stronhold with a motivation that drives on forward.

A path that is chosen for its golden rewards,

yet we’re left stranded.

I can’t believe that I put my hand forward.

Ignite the flame within to see the signs.

I want to see the world.

With or without you there I’ll continue on.

A broken oath leads to an end.

So bitter with cruelty.

So dark it sickens.

Insanely tracing all the mistakes.

Now serve the time.

A path that was chosen for it’s diamond future.

Now it’s gone.

Burnt by my own selfish lies.

You sealed the end with your mind.

Come in the darkness with me.

It’s where you can set me free.

This is what I am.

Let me be.

Set me free.

This is who I am.

Unearth Aries

Cowardly warrior vents his rage.

his lust for blood cannot be appeased.

what fickle angels are we.

our divided brothers we slay.

his lust will erase all

Unearth This Glorious Nightmare

Divine intoxication spills out the pores.

A self diluting fix that craves all the more.

Destructive seasoned vet, full glass of sting.

A bittersweet triumph that weighs in each day.

Obsession – my falsest friend.

Moderation – a fantasy that I can’t win.

Devastation – a hardship loss.

Demanding – the pain of wasted years.

Lift me up, tear me down.

Will I last through this glorious night mare?

Collapse all that’s sacred, prey on the weak.

Slow painful suicide that steals from each man.

Hells fire soon returns to rape the well.

Prolific doom machine that hears our words.

I’m fighting the will to live with countless persuasions.

I’m fighting the will to live – the endless temptations

Its lifeless grip, that haunts us all.

Pulling from every direction, it’s lifeless grip grabs hold.

Yearning is now my dissension, it’s lifeless grip grabs hold.

Tear me down.

Unearth Bloodlust Of The Human Condition

We feed this hunger for horror. cold is the human heart, is the human mind. all born with sickness and impurity. bloodlust of

the human condition. dark fears are wanted. spread it so these eyes can capture doom thirst for destruction. will feed this

firestorm until we’re gone. I can no longer close my eyes. this is our mortality. taken away is our hope. clip our wings; crush

our dreams. this is a part of us all. clip our wings; crush our dreams. forever a part of us all. we feed on horror. sold is the

human soul for crimes in nature it’s our bloodlust condition. dark fears are wanted. spread it so these eyes can capture doom.

thirst for destruction. will feed this firestorm until we’re gone. we feed on horror. we’re drawn into these open wounds the

crowds all gather to feed their bloodlust

Unearth The Charm

The weight of the charm

Lights out for hands stretched out to lead

The forsaken walk of allegiance

In trust we decieve

Walk on-never to turn back

A look inside turned to stone

My soul is free with blood on my hands

My soul is free

Lights out

I stand aside

Struggle in my mind

I look inside to see the crowd infringed upon

Lights out

The death of the charm

Lights out-the hands will recede

The forgotten chance of disloyalty

In trust we are decieved

Send off-it’s out of your hands

Walk on-it’s only your life

Unearth My Heart Bleeds No Longer

Shut out and burned by your lies.

Now it is time to make you learn.

You’ll learn.

My heart bleeds no longer for your pathetic views.

My heart beats on stronger with my own resolution.

Bound down for so goddamn long.

I have seen so many follow you.

I fell fivtim to your clouded ways.

It is my intention to end your reign.

I know so many who would want to see your Burn.

I aim war at you.

I did not give into your hold.

I live again alone.

Pass through the sea of ashes kept.

My heart bleeds no longer for your love.

Unearth Sanctity Of Brothers

A west side run through.

One string away from taking the lead.

We stalked the streets at night to live, to feel, to breathe.

Bring back those days of gold where the torch was ours to bare.

A troubled youth to some, to us our crown to wear.

I see a time, a sanctity of brothers.

We knew another world, A west side horror.

A torch burned out before his own time.

We close our eyes at night to hurt, to heal, to breathe.

Bring us back to the day.

Bring us back to our ages of innocence.

Our times to live forever.

Our worlds will meet again.