Volcano Choir Comrade

Like I didn’t know it

Choking on the pulp of it

Semper fi

You kept me on your long line

Tugging in the whole time

Keep shining on

And that silent head grip

Can’t do it no more

The honey bin

The bunny’s in

Is telling you there’s a countdown

Oh, damn your eyes

To add that one a long time

Sitting on a strip line

Said it will be a tall climb

Said that we could go back

Said that we could go find


Said that you were coke blind

Drinking in dramnesic

Tore out at the comrade

That’s a comrade, making a comrade offer

That Ticonderoga’s shit

Made my mind and my heart all split up over

The floor of the jackpot

There’s a floor to the jackpot

Where’d you rise?

You don’t even lie to me no more

They say you ain’t a comrade

Still, I’d know you’d come back

For a folly-ridden Romeo, you break down a fortress now

Standing out in public

Stained with your conscience

I know that you love me

You are just lawless, son

Give it another fortnight

Eye to eye the culprit

Just rid the fucking pulpit

I ain’t giving you another full ride

Underneath the combine

Said it didn’t bump you right

Habitual falling right?

Volcano Choir Alaskans

The last time that I saw you

You had me housed up on your red, red road

Stranded in the housing of our move in house in

We were going to hit every port and every cape town

We were going to give a full report, of sorts

To your mother up in Cabo and in Newcourt

Damn, can’t believe your father left his land

The creed, to cry

Rely, rely, rely, rely, behave, behave, behave, behave

Spent all of that time not wanting to

We climbed up on your carpet

There’s a carpet in our minds, wherein

Shameless in humming

Like a violin strumming

We were going to hit every mark in stark

But the sutra didn’t suit you that long day in the park

I’m talking about it

We’re talking real love

I want to read up on that love

Damn, can’t believe you left me on the land, to be seen, to be scribed

Tell you now that you:

Rely, rely, rely, rely, behave, behave, behave, behave

Spend all of that time not wanting to

Rely, rely, rely, rely, behave, behave, behave, behave

Decide, decide, decide, decide, repave, repave, repave, repave

Inside, inside, inside, inside, the lade, the lade, the lade, the lade

Lover won’t you talk to me about the long red war

[Charles Bukowski reading The Shower]

Linda You brought it to me

I’m sorry

When you take it away do it slowly and easily

Make it as if I were dying in my sleep instead of in my life


See I’m getting this way, sentimental

Shit, I’m sorry

That’s the one I split with after five years

Its not a very good reading

Volcano Choir Dancepack

How many trees to the west of here.

How many smokes left have you got.

I wanna stand but I’m talking to a cop.

There’s piss on my boots, how’d you make it stop.

Dance past looking for a crashed dance lot.

I’m alone, up on the top of the pine.

Let’s people, and makes the pine.

I be with an old lady, I’ll be ridin her lie, Oh

Smokin outside a copytail.

I won’t know when I fail.

She’s the liver of life, and no, they are not casual lost in the fog.

We got one kind of trouble, it’s a woman on a bed.

Take note, there’s still a hole in your heart. [x6]

Love in sit, and you bait to talk.

My young little soul, learning to walk.

Close that weary door like the house on the weary street.

I finally go in the blind heights.

I’m warm in the cold, that’s corn rows.

I finally go in blind heights.

That’s a cold toke, through the corn rows.

Take note, there’s still a hole in your heart. [x6]

Volcano Choir Almanac

On the Rio,

Rode the sparrow,

Drank the marrow,

Spade the clerics

I spent all day Saturday toasted,

Roasting in your room

Fall fine,

Skin tight,

Unhinged and sizzle.

Call bads,

To the all night.

It’s our branch is delicious.

You have to rise up.

Slow down baby in the car,

Goin for a whole one.

Slow, left here eyes up.

Slowly baby you’ll come in.

You’re goin for the whole run.

You can’t live with it.

Where you wreck it and run.

Do what you can.

All night,

It’s on right,

So fresh that it sizzles.

Ball cap,

All night,

So dear it’s a little.

Small lap,

So nice,

Body’s cracked as it wasn’t enough.

It’s the sun have to rise it.

Slow down baby in the car.

Goin for the homerun.

Slow down deep rise up,

When my sooner baby you come in.

So it for the soft ground.

Shed skin, for kin.

I’ll be alive when all this is over.

When all of us are sober.

Shed skin, with kin.

I could lead you over,

I’ll see you in the clover darling.

I’ll be here, dancin on the footsteps,

Out here in the beach house, out here in the cold air.

Shed skin, like a master.

How have past and, comin down.

Volcano Choir Island, IS

Owen, you’re home

The sun set it on to the sky

With a long catapult

And the salt that he put to the side

And the tones he would push and the songs he would push to the side

When it all went a fuck in the snow that gets pushed to the side

Well your heart is a bush and it’s talking, too, with some size

When you already put all of the soot inside

They were already smushed with a calm steady push to the side

All that your heart finds

On with your own wife






Only a harbor mind

In turpentine

I’m the reaper bahn

Calm the arrival

Tear it to the night

Heart is said, you boy

Come and serve it with an omelette

And you’re on it

With the carpet

You solved it

Said you’re corporate

Set your orbit

Set your coffin

Said its often

That your old fits

Are your old tits

On your hard drive

Volcano Choir Acetate

I will harbor you around.

I may drive you down.

There are promises I’ll make.

There are promises that I’ll take away.

But I won’t beg for you on acetate.

I won’t crawl on you to validate.

Tear those numbers down,

I won’t be having them around, for now.

I’ll be in the ocean,

I’ll be out there for weeks.

I will never tolerize

I will never fortify.

I’ll be on the beach, I

T’s where I have to be for peace.

I will never tolerize,

I will never fortify.

I won’t beg for you on acetate.

I won’t crawl on you to validate.

Tear those numbers down,

I won’t be having them around, for now.

Shout, say it louder now.

The apple on the oranges ground.

No longer feeling tepid now.

Shout, say it louder now

Volcano Choir Tiderays

We wake up,

Soft denims on the floor.

Spent nights late,

Sleepin back to the fall.

Don’t even, you fall the few.

You don’t quit, heads back the ceiling.

Baby, this is not sound.

It’s nineteen and kids, warfare secret.

On the hard nights, you’re the ace right,

And you will break down so tear in my new week.

Now you’re here, past the sand.

Ahh, ahh.

Now you’re left with the look up at the middle end.

But you didn’t feel angry.

But you didn’t feel flat.

But you didn’t find to, hold onto new.

Don’t call me up again,

You’re the bitch that never ends.

Wait for the tiderays. [x2]

Volcano Choir Keel

The prophet’s here, the prophet’s here.

Oh, it’s no use.

Bend down into the grass, down into the grass for me.

The prophet’s come, the prophet’s good in stone.

God will look okay in my eyes.

Day though we’ll know the love we find.

They won’t work on like the only ones,

Hot and wild.

They bring the heat ends high for fire.

Echoed sun.

Forgive, don’t know.

There’s a danger now in the town we know.

And we’re happy broken in the cold slow.

There’s a tazer and a brave young one,

Spilling father like his son.

And they tell him bout your gun.

Just stay here, just stay here loving me.

And just stop bloody loving me.

See what,

Slip behind the closet curtain.

Hide from me, hide from me.

The day I see my light’s gone,

And you fear me your headstone.

What are you without your friend then sonny?

Can’t carry on your own.

Can’t care bout your older man.

Swing for

The storm, I wasn’t so,

And a peek and finds you.

The world’s fine.

Volcano Choir Byegone

Day dead bye-gone

Laying near the lights

Of the knights of the northern lodges

There’s a border road

No one slip slides or stoppin’

And the neighborly, sleeping in a coffin

With enough keif

You could really bore someone

Took a rat trap out to the Ache Inn

We were drinking all the ways to down

Door’s wide open

You know what were saying ‘bout us now

He’s a legend

I’m a legend

And we both go tripping through the door

You know that we are northern now

Heard you promise me at the north end of monogamy

Cut there from filament lead

Somewhere I heard you scream

For others’ hearts

And in the limiest of lights

Hold the keys to a Cuban flight that you won’t ever ride

It’s time to up and die

Set sail!

Set sail!

Set sail!

Set sail!

Oh, you plenty competent

So why aren’t you confident

It’s softening to be softening

Then why are you so constant then?

Are we going on a coat ride?

Well, were off and definitely stumbling

Tossin’ off your compliments, wow

Sexing all your Parliaments