We Are Toonz Drop That #NaeNae


What like this? Alright

Yo, okay, alright, I got it huh?

[Chorus 2x]

Crank that Nae Nae, drop that Nae Nae

Work that Nae Nae, that’s a Nae Nae ay

Nae Nae [8x]


Huh! [4x]

[Verse 1]

Nae Nae that’s the new thing popping

Got your girl over in the corner and she joking

All you gotta do is put your hands up and rock it

Don’t be scared lil’ mama Toonz got you

Now this here funky, who was the man with the plan

My boys up on that

Nae Nae what we called it while

Y’all guys out here stalling

While we riding by,

Claims she really be digging me

Lil mama say, she feeling me

She like the way I jig on a beat

Jig on a beat



[Verse 2]

As I smooth through the crowd, got my hand up in the air

And I rock it side to side, man our dance is everywhere

107.9 got our name all on the air

Yeah this Nae Nae taking over so y’all better be prepared

Ladies say this shit with me (Nae Nae) turned up on the beat (yo)

You ain’t gotta dance we call it jigging on the beat (hold up hold up)

T-double-O-N-Z, Nae’n Nae’n in the streets

Hands up in the air. Jump in they face cause you don’t care now one time