Westside Connection Call 9-1-1

[Chorus – Ice Cube:]

This right here is considered a banger

Delivered With anger, your life is in danger

Beware of them strangers, holdin’ them flamers

Them naggers were swagger, cause they keep it gangsta

[Verse 1 – Ice Cube]

Just face it, I blaze shit

Yo shit is basic, my shit is matrix

Make you erase shit

Niggas won’t say shit, but DJs you ain’t shit

Cause you don’t play shit, unless it’s that gay shit

I’m straight off the slave ship, my style is ancient

I’m rich and I’m famous, I’m armed, I’m dangerous

I came wit that language, it’s mad, it’s brainless

You study at Cambridge, I’m fuckin’ yo main bitch

Plus my ebonics is full, of gin and tonic, erotic

Yeah you got it, hypnotic, plus I got it, brrr

After nine eleven niggas got patriotic

On nine twelve I’m like fuck it nigga blaze the chronic

[Hook – Ice Cube:]

Call nine eleven, then call your reverend

Then call heaven, here I come lord

Live by the gun, die by the gun

A eye for an eye when you live and die by this war

[Chorus – Ice Cube]

[Verse 2 – Mack 10]

Yeah, now it’s the mornin’ after the night I just rolled

9-1-1 ain’t a area code it’s a gangsta mode

And I’m still in amazement on how I put it down

Emptied round after round rat-tat-tat was the sound

Now understand the situation, it was urgent

We, handled this emergency urgently

I can’t just have no nigga out there just workin’ me, jerkin’ me

Talkin’ all kind of shit, dishing dirt on me, shit

He was a local nigga sheisty and didn’t wanna pay up

So I got dressed in all black and loaded the K up

And all I could think about is revenge as I lit the J up

And even though it was late night, I still fucked his whole day up

It was child’s play, the youngster took me for a joke

Not knowin’ Mack a maniac and I love the gun smoke

Make sparks in my barrel, shit flew through his apparel

Stupid motherfucker lost his life over dinero

[Hook – Ice Cube]

[Chorus – Ice Cube]

[Verse 3 – WC]

It ain’t safe no fuckin’ mo’

I swear on everything I love, my hood, my momma, my soul

This motherfuckin’ Dub, is hall of bang nigga, I claim nigga

Like PCP to the brain, it’s like kel running my fame nigga

White lightnin’ I’m sippin’, snickerin’, slippin’ the crip

And like a fiend, I tremble, shiver and them blow your doam to smithereens

Act up, no actor, starch crease ragger

Dick harder than Viagra, Dub push your ick backwards

Connect alumni, but the gun high

Bloods and crips and when we touch down we turn niggas hoods ’til the guy

says grip

Squeeze lead, to the y’all dead, cause I’m fucked up in the can and I

Fuck a bitch over whether she can blew or all red

The industry most hated, nigga get at us, we ready, Dub, Mack and Cube

Like Saddam, Bin Laden and no jag in the Chevy

Back again, momma there go that man again

Grab the gun, them niggas on one

Call 9-1-1

[Chorus – Ice Cube]

Westside Connection Do You Like Criminals


Say hoe I got way more dick than them niggas rolling your lexos

No punk ass Versace gear just the nigga with the triple 1 braids in his beard

Quick to get the pussy dripping so quit tripping

Like you got a nigga resembling Donnie Simpson

Hoe I’m from the wild wild west fuck them preppy niggas

You need to get with this malt

Liqour sipper picture me simpin over ya never

How ya figure I’ll be crying over yo ass like a

Baby face nigga bitch you better be glad

I got 3 strikes because back in ’85

I’d been done gave your ass a black eye

See I been waving at your ass all week but all

You do is roll your eyes like your shit don’t stink

So now it’s time for a nigga clown your ass

Because i can tell from the tattoos you’s a high class hood rat

Don’t want to fuck with niggas in khakis

But hoe i bet for the dough

You quick to jack that ass like a 4

So quit fronting on a nigga and lick these and bitch

Hit the road with your fucked up weave…….

[Ice Cube]

How would you like to get a nigga rugged and raw

Outlaw rollin’ down the shaw

Don’t you want a mothafucka that’s hard

Or a bitch-made cute as El Debarge?

Do you like negros?

Him and those?

Individuals called criminals?

How’d you figure a West Coast nigga

Drinking liquor got to know how to dig you

When we dated straight fade it

Penetrated, Ms. sasfisacated

No daddy hate it

Never met a nigga quite as fly as me

All bottled up in your high society

You want to chech my mental

Cause how could a nigga from South Central rollin’ in a Benzo

Spice in ya life is what you need you intreigued by the smell of my weed

I represent reality in your world full of lies

And i can see it in your eyes

You worried sick and I’m chillin’ (Westside)

Tell your family to fuck off and roll with this villian


Do you like negros, him and those, individuals called criminals? [2x]

[Mack 10]

Who wanna fuck wit it I put it down for real tho

It’s Mack 10 and let you niggas know I’m gun ho

Baby i guess maybe i can get with your program

With hunnit spode tonas on my front and back

Broham hit a lick or two make your whole life a thriller

Make you wanna shake the nerd and come ride with a killa

Hot as sauce out the floss no need to be discreet

I swing the fuck out this bitch til my bumper touch the street

On switches and I’m workin jerkin hot ya nigga smirkin

Jack the ass up and down til my back wheels is chirpin

You need to be with me bitch you too fucking bombay

To be on the Shaw with a nigga with a Hyundai

I take you through my neighborgood raise where crime pays

No girbauds no fades just cacky’s and French braids

And my friends is niggas that know what ends is

In high-top Chucks pushin V-12 Benz’

With hoochy hoes groopy hoes

You know those with a gang of money lolo’ and penitintiary fo do’s

So shake him now no need of waitin of debatin

Slam the door on them five stars and hop on these Daytons


Dee, dee, dee, daddi, daddi, dee, dee, daddi day

I come from the crew I thought you knew we don’t play

I see your frowning but I’m clownin’ anyway

Can’t nobody fade K-Dee baby, baby

I know you’re Catholic

But can you have you have dick up in them guts all the way to

These nuts

Your a rich girl far from skeezer

I’m playing at the mall with your Visa

You wanna swang with K-Swinger

(When the West is in the houseoh my God! danger)

But take a hit you’ll live

But when you hit it hoe you got to puff, puff give

Now i see you giggling

But all I wanna see is ass wiggling and titties jiggling

So what you wanna do?

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Stick to them dicks and balls your use to

Go ahead and take a big lick

Cause girls look so good on the end of

My dick

That right is it tight?

I know you ain’t a dike

What type of nigga do you like?



[chorus II]

Bitch I’m from the wild, wild west

Can’t you tell buy the “S” on my chest

We got hoes for days

Plus we claiming no stress no mothafuckin’ dress


[chorus II]

Do you like criminals?

Westside Connection You Gotta Have Heart

(Aah, yirr

Yearh, man

Wooh, yo

This rules everything man)


I don’t hurt ya

It will only make you stronger

In this game you gotta have heart

This hustle will brake you down

Pull you apart

[Mack 10]

Homie, the same thing make you laugh, make you cry

And in the fastlane the strong survive and the weak die

Thats the way the ball bounce and i often wonder why

But i nease it all

And not just a piece o’ the pie

I used to hope and wish for everything i couldn’t buy

I was a young ghetto-boy that grew up in the eye

So i bowed to be a hustler and reach for the sky

And not only a’m i ballin’

Right now is mo’ ta’

It’s like a jungle sometime

U gotta hustle sometime

U gotta use your mind, mouth and your muscle sometime

U gotta grind

Stop looking for a savier

Use what the fuck i gave your (flavour)

I’m in the gutter-lane

Whit the gutter-mouth tryin’ to get out the gutter

For my life’s gutter-out

If i was right and called my mamma a bitch

It wouldn’t have took me this to to get this rich (i know)

[Chorus x2]


I was raised

The young niggar was scwabble

In the city o’ looks

No hope or rolemodels

The black sheap o’ the family destent to feel

Preticted to spend my hole life in a jail-cell

Fucked up and not believe in the hype

I know i would be more then a fellen’t

I zoomed up and see the light

Niggar, got my mind right

Niggar, got my grind tight

Now a niggar is gettin’ paid to skip

Skip to the lime-light

[Mack 10]

See, we all got problems

But some need a dress

And so at night i hit my knees and begged him for my blessings

And ask him for forgiveness to minimize my stress

Niggar, continue to know how to dodge this Smith & Wesson

And with his help i will perform in my best

And it’s still hard with all this temptation and testenin’

If i’m wrong

Just accept it as a lesson

As i conquer all my enemies

And mashing with agression, Lord

[Chorus x2]

[Ice Cube]

Ain’t never been shoot like 50 Cent or 2Pac

Cuz’ 2 shots is too many

Too hot to go in me

I’ve rather sit remmy

In the back of this Bentley

And only fuck with niggars and you bitches that’s friendly

Dont forgive whats so femmé

Cup with my penné

I pull out the semmé

Put hoe’s up in Timmy

Just fuck it – it’s Babylon

And niggar might have a bomb

Just like the Taliban

But i on never ?lan?


I sit alone i my fo’corner room

Loaded ammo

Cuz’ in these streets like there’s a gamble

And Run-DMC, times is getting harder

So i’m taking of my gold-fandelellin’ to the author

Old niggar say to young killers awaked you

But when you got it

Only few homies stay true

This game it’s like russian roulette

We hustle to death

Mash for weather

Make the devil marker for chedder

[Chorus x2]


[Ice Cube]



You know what i’m saying

You take what you got

I take what i got


U’re motherfuckers got everything and your still complaining

U motherfuckers got everything and you still ain’t have it

It’s u’re world MOTHERFUCKER!



Westside Connection Westward Ho

[Ice Cube]

Check it hoe shut your mouth and get naked

I’m connected plus I’m makin’ hit records

So, if you wanna win hop in and take a spin

That’s W.C. and Mack 10

What’s your name girlfriend

You can have some fun wit us lay in the sun wit us

Pack a gun wit us and make a run wit us

To these illegal amigos who wanna buy bald eagles

Out my regals we shoppin’ at Spiegels

So what you wanna do

Decision, decisions

And what you think about dick and pussy collisions

You’re a irrisistable bitch and all that

Me I’m rich as fuck plus I smell like yack so come on

[Chorus, Repeat 2X:]

Irristable bitch let’s go

Where we goin’

Westward ho

[Mack 10:]

A nigga gots to get chose it’s a house full of hoes

I suppose at least one of those want

Mister flossy with the kilos

You know it’s quick fast shit it’s all about the cash

Pauveted Rolex’ and Benz’ in the S class

Don’t get it twisted nigga you know the word

Cube got the herb and I don’t fuck with nothin’ less than a bird

I make yo whole crew scatter what ya say don’t matter

Cause nigga you’s a punk so tell yo bitch I need to holler at her

I take fo shows hop in my Benzo

I stomp my Chuck to the flo as I head Westward with yo ho

It’s Mack 1-0 so fuck what she say

I put it down the G way

I’m gettin’ head on the freeway.



Hoe you need some dick in yo life dick in yo life

Like Jodeci I’m fienning to fuck you ’til your bleeding

You need to be rolling

With this cap peela, fuck that sucka for love lolly pop toe

Lickin’ ass nigga

See you say you want a real G so why don’t you

Play like Jayo Felony and bitch take a ride with me because I can

Use a ho like you a bitch down to blast

And help me twist this

Mutha fucking plastic because you’re a true bitch from the westside

About five-ten, two-twenty with scars on your thighs

And that’s they type of hoe I want down with me

So bitch get your ass in and let’s rob the whole city

[Ice Cube:]

Did I mention I think about you when I’m benchin’

And running my trigger finger all through your extensions

It’s intense dreamin’ of a black picket fence

His and her nine’s teach you how to rhyme on the mic

You Tina I’m Ike

Know you ain’t a dike cause you seem to like

The way I lay pipe

Keep it tight let’s put this mattress to the test

Yes, I must confess, I got some prior arrest

Fa show ya know we’re goin’ westward hoe

Can you handle

Half a chicken in the door panel

We at the mo’ with a four-O and a joint

We got high, fucked around

And missed the drop off point


[Mack 10:]

I put it down all around Westbound is where I’m headed

Since I keep my heat leaded if you trip you get wetted

We be huffing like hogs nigga who can see my crew

No better yet me and you nigga what you wanna do, fool

Cause all I do is wreck from the hip I teck

And when I come from the shoulders I straight Westside Connect

I got chickens by the flock I got the block on lock

Around the clock I sell rock so ain’t a bitch I can’t knock

So handcuff your trick if she’s a good lookin’ ho

Cause dog I run with niggas that the Fed’s is lookin’ fo’

They wanna get us because our pockets is the fattest

And bitches be jockin’ us because we got the baller status


I want a janky bitch, a janky bitch,

A bitch straight down

Penitentiary bound

With the qualifications of a hoe like you

C-sections tattoos stretch marks and bullet wounds

A rough bitch in a beanie the type of bitch that’s down to do

A drive by on my enemies

Like Mary J. you’re all I need

When I’m in jail the kind of hoe that’s down to keester me weed

Fantasies of you and me I keep

Having ’em at the park smoking on a hump sharing a tall can of Magnum

Fucking in the back of the coup let’s get it cracking

So pass the stick and tell me hoe what’s happening


This West Coast gangsta’ shit got it crackin’

We all mackin’ so baby how you actin’

This West Coast gangsta’ shit got it crackin’

We all mackin’ so baby how you actin’


Westside Connection Gangsta Nation

[Ice Cube]

Consider this an invitation, to my Gangsta Nation

[Nate Dogg]

Na na na na na na na na (Westside)

Na na na na na na na na (oh oh)

Na na na na na na na na (what what)

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na (yeah yeah)

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na


This game right here is rough as fuck

These ho’s out here about the bucks

These fools out here afraid to bust

I have no fear, afraid of what

And in five beers I’m comin’ up

Fools talk real loud but don’t run up

When we come through they run and duck

We still right here so what the fuck


Nigga I’m tired of these niggas barking at shit talkin’ ’bout shit

From the concrete when they chalkin’ like this

And there he goes and a trick pose and a throw back

Holdin’ a gat ain’t gonna bust and know that

It’s a dub ass C thing dub C brain

And we don’t fuck with niggas in khaki jeans strains

I’m done moving I’m clearing the crowd

It’s the hoo-bangin bandanna cri-mi-ni-mi-nal

The ori-gi-nal

[Mack 10]

Evacuate the building look here come a plane

No, it’s the big bad Westside Connect Gang

And bump what you claim, homey this who bang

With enough game to drive a swear broad insane

And we number one gunners no we ain’t stunners

It’s real with us homie, killers and drug runners

And Mack need a D-board in a H2 Hummer

Lookin hotter than the South Central L.A. summer

Let’s go


[Ice Cube]

What the hell is Ice Cube talkin about

That’s how you get these here parked in you mouth

Westside ride trick, the same old spit

I don’t conversate with chicks I ain’t gon’ hit

I don’t holla at these hoes that sing like Ashanti

Body like Beyonce, face like Andre (uhhh)

You kinda strange

But I’m rich so my entree got to be Bombay


Have you seen us, naw

Haters can’t see us

Connect Gang we the G’est nigga

Countless calls and countless charges

Street niggas making blunts out of Cuban cigars

Big by the linnas sip notic by the liters

With a flock of pros on us cause the cronic is the greenest

And to my G’s incarcerated and on probation

I’m gonna stay bagging for the whole G Nation nigga


[Mack 10]

It’s a Gangsta Nation if you in you a G

And the whole world influence by the b in the sea

Now tell the truth rappers you don’t ball like me

Cause I’m really from the gang you all is industry

And while I’m serving up and comin young hustlers and gluckas

Bangin for the hood causing havic and ruckus

You fools acting label kissing up like suckers

And your trick solder down when you pee little busters

[Ice Cube]

One thing I do know I ain’t the uno

Big puno rap sumo on pruno (you know)

I’d like to thank the congregation

In my affiliation to the Gangsta Nation

I’m hard on them, yeah I’m ruthless

You like a stress sac, boy you useless

You know the side trick, better get up on it

Cause it must be a single with Nate Dogg singin on it

[Mack 10]

Look check this out man

We got a Gangsta Nation going down over here

So you all might as well bow down

And join this Westside thing man

Cause once you get with this

Partner you as G as can be

Believe that homeboy

It’s like that

Fred Red, what I’d tell you homey

It ain’t a hit till Nate Dogg spit


Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

(Consider this an invitation, to my Gangsta Nation)

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na

Westside Connection Terrorist Threats

“an open microphone can be dangerous”

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

(duck nigga, westcoast)

I can make a promise now to take your life

(westside, bustin’ that janky..)

I can be that threat that make you change your life

(duck nigga, westcoast)

I can make a promise now to take your life

(westside, bustin’ that janky..)

[verse 1: WC]

It’s about fuckin’ time

niggaz ta came up with some real shit

and start bustin’on you bitch niggaz and kill some shit

high shells and cocktails, rags on faces

a terrorist fuckin’ it up in chucks with fat laces

in my cutoffs I stand with triggery canon

nah bitch, I ain’t from the Taliban I’m from the niggaban

westside, roll ’em motherfuckers up

call me Dub McVeigh about to blow this motherfucker up

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

[verse 2: Mack 10]

We got you niggaz scared like a snitch and a gangsta cook out

and when the meter read red all cowards get took out

back with more firepower than before

to us a nuclear bombin’ is just a drug war

and I got no gangstarizm and stardom

and got niggaz shakin’ that ain’t even from Harlem

spit rapid fire down in the whole place

and it’s hard to breathe with duck tape on your face

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

[verse 3: Ice Cube]

I’m from that WSCG car

beat you up in ER from my PR

nigga, superstar, smokin’ on a cigar

little homies know who the OG’s are

been the shit since ’86 and even right now

and gotta brag to this bitches ’bout my lifestyle

no mistake the westsider for Al-Quieda

this ain’t soopafly nigga I’m a spida

[chorus: Ice Cube (WC)]

“an open microphone can be dangerous”

Westside Connection World Domination

There’s a threat in the world today.

A threat to our way of living, a threat to our society,

and maybe even a threat to our very exitence.

And what is this threat? The WESTSIDE CONNECTION.

An organization made up of highly motivated,

extremely agressive gangstas turned businessmen with one single objective,

world domination, or in their words “Creating a world wide Westside”.

Vowing to make every man woman and child bow down

to the “W”, a hand sign used by their members to show affiliation.

We have confirmed reports that “W”‘s have been appearing on the various

monuments and historical landmarks throughout the world. There are also talks

of Mount Rushmore being renamed Mount Westmore, with America’s forefathers

being replaced by the WESTSIDE CONNECTION forefathers, Ice Cube, WC, and Mack 10

a.k.a. The Gangsta, The Killa, and The Dope Dealer.

When confronted with these allegations they released a statement saying…

quote… “Bitch, you know the side, world motherfucking wide.”……. unquote

Westside Connection Pimp The System

Hold on let me see what this daddy here

Ok this the bitch here right now you know what i’m saying

Hey bitch, what’s happening

Yea bitch, yea yea bitch I told you, I told you were gonna get it

I told you you were gonna be able to get it

Don’t you worry about it

I already know what you trying to say bitch

Yea bitch yea bitch only thing you do bitch is just go to work

Had on my bussines, get my money and don’t get me no problems

And everything gonna be alright

(Whooa, pimp the system)

Because it ain’t easy man

It may look glamour to you cause you see me ridin’

Snake skin down to the floor you hear

Platinum shoes and more

Diamonds on fingers and watches on arms

I’m telling you it may look easy baby

But you gonna have to work hard

To get to this point

See you at the top

[Ice cube]

I never pimp a ho, nigga pimp a CEO

Be my He-e-ro, make me mad as ze-e-ro

Im that ne-e-gro making it like itchy-ro

Ain’t got time for no bow ass bitchy ho

Go to G-e-sale fuckin with them e-e-mails

I’d rather get my shit wide nigga e-e-mail

Fuck a sex slavior make what I just made

That bitch had to sell her pussy for a decade

And that’s too much time for the brainy one

I’m on a daily run

To crack your cranium

Wrap uranium

Ain’t nothin else

I pimp the system

Bitch break yourself

If they got scrilla

Then I’m gorilla

If they figure

I’m a killa

Cause I’m a nigga

Your prostitutes wear high heeled boots

My prostitutes wear three piece suits

Count your money nigga

[Butch Cassidy – Chorus]

Pimp the system cause the game is grossing

Everyone listen to what we’re proposing

Quit the quickness, we’ll trick the system

Skills that will impress’em and make this slaves victims

Oh no no no

No more hesitation cause our game is stronger

Taking over

On top of the world they’ll never take us under

[Mack 10]

Bitch I’m a pimp

Mack daddy looking for the dollar

And that thirteen I drove a 6-4 impala


Young motherfucker full of izm always dicking

I don’t kiss them, twsting, pimping the system

So vp’s and presidents wherever you are

Just cut a fucking check and I can bring you a star

Then read up on the deal, make them throw in the car

I got a young lawyer bitch she just passed the bar

See I’m a pure rare pimp, but I told them I got

Young homie pussy don’t pay you like EMI

Mack find the ho

Then sign the ho

Then put the bitch out and steady grind the ho

Hit the radio jack and then just like that

Bitch bring money back when the ass on the track

A pro watch them come

And I watch them go

And if you don’t pimp the system

Then you’s a ho, whoa



Bitch better have my money nigga I’m starv-o

I’m hard on the game like I’m hard on the cold

I treat rap like a trick

Nigga the tag on the bitch

Wrap through you rich

King Kong

The can of the bitch

State your order

Wipe them off and put them on a corner

And if she good

I take her on tour bring me ebona

I’m a rider, gangsta, wall spray painter

True banger, got nam-e, taking out enemies with my fingers

Now feds and undies when the gummy thristy homies

Looking funny I converted the street like the rap money

And now is all about the benjis and with this pen

Like pussy I pimp this lyrics like pimping cane

Leaning in my cadillac

Buffing on a De la Hoya checking ? for neighboors and high power lawyers

Cause i don’t trust a bitch

I’m trying to stay way rich

Break the bitch nigga

Break this bitch

Pimp the system


[Ice cube]

My nigga Mack said

Pimp stands for put it in my pocket

So that’s what i’m gonna do

While ya’ll thinking about bitches in corners

I’m thinking about the beach and coronas

You know what I’m saying


Westside Connection So Many Rappers In Love

[Ice Cube]

Aquarius, hahahaha, and my name is Larry


Theres so many rappers in love

On the radio

Theres so many fake ass thugs

On the radio

[Mack 10]

Lisin up mothafuckas

This is Mack one o, to all these niggas on the radio simpin to these hoes

What happened to the thugs, drugs and G hits

Talkin all the soft shit just to please a BiZ-Nitch

And some of all is street and know the gangsta mode

Its like this, fuck a bitch

And thats the G code

We used to sell raw kill and give toe tag

Now ever since 9-1-1 rappers waving white flags

But me i keeps it gutter, just like before

Imma warrior so i stay prepared for war

Aint nuttin wrong wit spoilen a bitch, especially if u got it

Her suckin you, u fuckin her

Gettin freaky and earotic

But if it aint ruff, it aint me

And i refuse to turn R-A-P, in R&B

You went from Hardcore to pop

Just to be on top

I give Cool J his props and thats where it stops

[ice cube]

(Connect Gang Nigga)




The pussy gets cream

Real niggas aint simpin, Oh NO!

Im sick of niggas, trick niggas throw my radio in a ditch, nigga, cause all i hear is bitch niggas

Fake ass R&B thugs in hot as sweaters, wit bull shit messages and tite ass vests

Fuck hip hop, yall needa call it simp hop

Sock that bitch in the back of her head and take the cock

Hoe shut up, im bout to load the fuck up

And if i hear another nigga in love im throwin up

Load it up, pick the gun up

Im fed up, cause radio wit wimp bitch men, imma fuck u snuff heads up

Soft niggas get the gay channel, when i slap an R&B thug off his mothafuckin piano

DJ’s need to let the ghetto back in the club

Theres too many fake ass thugs, too many rappers in love

Mothafuckas stiff pussys



[Ice Cube]

You used to be hardcore

What the fuck you lookin hard for nigga standin on the golf course

Wit yo golf club rappers

Get off drugs, xtasy is turnin niggas into soft thugs

Wit all these promises, showin straight bitches where yo mama live

I know what time it is

Im the game lord, here to punish you

For lyin to every bitch that your runnin to

Tryna show every hoe how fly you are

You’s a mothafuckin fool if you buy the bar

Im buyin two drinks, fuck you skanks

Both of em mine, what chu think

I gets full of liquore, and pound a stripper

You gets drunk nigga, pull up wit her

Drivin yo shit, like its her shit

Under the surface, you like her bitch

Make a nigga sick to his stomach



A baby, i used to be a gangster rapper

But right now, i like flowers, i love watchin birds in the park

I love takin long walks in the park

I just love you

I love watchin yo kids

I love, i jus love poetry

I love you