Xavier Wulf Last Step In The 1st Place



Light the do’, then we the start the show

Light the road, I don’t think I can go

Let them see me, and let them know

That we can make it dark, so watch your flow

Noise let me flow, boys’ll let you know

We don’t believe you, any of the shit you talk

You just a sad boy, I pity you the most

Stood at night for hoe, but it ain’t rappin’ though

Got some money, got to switch it, put the rack up

Like a tragedy, biggest let-down

Walking travesty, cash from my head down

[Xavier Wulf:]

From pullin’ up to pull off, I give no fuck about cost

I don’t know what you want and I don’t know what I want

I pull off in my tears, I can’t even see my gears

I don’t know what you want, just know I’m not what you want

I’m pullin’ up on her lawn, I give no fuck about cost

I pull up to pull off, I pull up to pull off

I know I’m not what you want and I don’t know what I want

Just know I’m not what you want, girl, I’m not what you want

I’m smokin’ blunts in the tundra, I pull off while I wander

I do well over 100, I doze off in my dungeon

She feel like I’m the one, I said, “Don’t be a dummy”

I care just like she do, that’s why I made her get off me

Xavier Wulf The Funny Part

I say goddamn

I say goddamn

All these niggas they feed off me

But got the nerve to try to come and hate on me

I’m like goddamn, goddamn, goddamn

Now I see

I gotta cuff my style from y’all cause y’all thirsty

Y’all so thirsty

I say goddamn

All these niggas they feed off me

But got the nerve to try to hate, hate all on me

I’m like goddamn, goddamn, goddamn

Now I see

I gotta cuff my style from y’all cause y’all thirsty

Y’all so thirsty

I say goddamn

All these niggas they feed off me

But got the nerve to try to hate, hate all on me

I’m like goddamn, goddamn, goddamn

Now I see

I gotta cuff my style from y’all cause y’all thirsty

Y’all so thirsty




Y’all thirsty

Thirsty, y’all so thirsty, ya’ll so thirsty




Ya’ll so thirsty

Thirsty, ya’ll so thirsty, ya’ll so thirsty

All these niggas they feed off me

But got the nerve to try to come and hate on me

I’m like goddamn, goddamn, goddamn

Now I see

I gotta cuff my style from y’all cause y’all thirsty

Y’all so thirsty


Y’all so thirsty

Xavier Wulf Perusha Kyuaden



Hunnid one virgins, all my rugs Persian

Backwood burnin’, I’m coming down swervin’

Power stay surging, feel it in my blade

Hands never shaking when I’m taking lives away

I’m never gonna spray, I’m never gonna pray

I’m never gonna ask God “Why the fuck me?”

I wasn’t raised right, I did a lot of wrong

Cops calling home, check my room, and I’m gone

Young king Bones, hopping off the throne

Kissing bitch’s babies on their heads like a pope

I give these crackers hope, I feed my bitches dope

All my girls hate me cause I never call home

But when I do, I’m back in the tomb

Mummified bitches from the floor to the roof

But when I do, I’m back in the tomb

Mummified bitches from the floor to the roof

[Xavier Wulf:]


I told my bitch to go and hit the store

Just for me, and don’t you dare bring a swisher home

Fuck with me, I’m smoking backwoods all week and everyday

And I never let a damn fool get in my way

Only question now, is what’s the pay?

Fuck you mean, I be hustling all day

For the green, anyway, I get it anyway

And anyway, you got a problem? Come see me today

Bitch, uhh

Xavier Wulf The Alpha K9

Aaaaahh… everything frozen. I’m the 14 Squad Captain

Bitch niggas see me and they turn around and run

Waaaaaaa… I ain’t never been a bitch fuck nigga

Aighhh! (I’m the 14 Squad Captain Niguh!)


Hollow Squad

Soldiers on yo ass if you fucking with me boy

And they ain’t playin with your bitch ass ho

Oh, I got a whole fleet of that’ll?

I say ahoy and I kill all you boys

Talkin all that shit mean you crazy

Coming with my fleet and none of my niggas lazy

They gon’ do the most… on yo ass

Young nigga

Fuck what you rep

Fuck what you think about

Fuck what you stand for

Fuck what you do nigga

You a bitch that’s the truth

That’s the only damn thing that fucking matters nigga

I’m in the club with moshpits everywhere

All these niggas don’t give a fuck, they goin’ ham in here

Fucking up the goddamn speakers

Club only getting mad like “stop that shit!”

“Stop that shit or I’m gonna cancel the party bitch”

You ain’t gonna do shit nigga

Shut yo bitch ass up

Let these niggas go stupid, let these niggas go ham

Bitch we’ll fuck yo fucking club up and then leave this bitch

And if you try to start some shit

We’ll beat yo ass

My niggas ain’t no ho

Hollow Squad comin’ through the mothafuckin’ door

With some mothafuckin’ force, Broke the damn floor

Look at me nigga, I ain’t never been no bitch, ahh

Look at me nigga, I ain’t never been no bitch

Look at me nigga, I ain’t never been no bitch

I ain’t never been no bitch, bitch I ain’t never been no bitch

I said look at me you fuck nigga, look at me bitch

I ain’t never been no bitch

Ask yo bitch, and her friend

Fuck you mean bitch nigga I ain’t never been you

I ain’t never been yo type

I ain’t never been no fool

Xavier Wulf Roronoa Woe

You see me sailin on the water like I’m sposed to be

And I dare, any of these niggas to pull up on me

See hand to hand combat is what’s dead, fuck some chivalry

I told the slut you grown as fuck so take care of yo self, please

Call me fuhrer mane soon as you see me kick a bitch

Ion give no fuck bout how you feel I leave you stressin shit

I’m ignant and intelligent, you others are irrelevant

I’m [?]

Imma be the only nigga declarin’ shit

She say crack a smile, cause my face look like some scaryness

Told that bitch to shut up and get the fuck off my coffin ship

Do not come and start some shit I swing and watch him flare flip

Oh shit

Now there’s people trynna get him some help quick

Fuck this industry I keep it real for the children

Women get wet when they feel me shake the buildin’

Ion need to talk I smoke a blunt while I’m chillin

Call me Thunder Woe when I catch a nigga pretendin’

Sign say no smokin watch me laugh cause that’s so silly mane

Bitch I walk, in and smoke, out the whole facility

Ion give no fuck about who mad, who gon swing on me

I walk around this bitch, like yo God, gave it all to me

Fuhrer man cut like roronoa, ain’t no hope for yee

Who over me?

I can kill yo idol then go go to sleep

Fools try to walk with me I stop that shit so easily

Listen to me

Ion give no fuck bout none of you human beings

You bitch

Xavier Wulf Wulf The 14th Squad Captain

Goddamn fool, this – that look smoking as a mothafucka

Aye bruh get the blunt

Aye bruh, pass me that – pass me that liter right there

(I get high)

Already know, already know

This some shit right here nigga goddamn

This some shit right here boy

“Hell yeah, TA Double damn $”

Where’d you get this?


For real? So he got it – so he got it like that?


Now you already know a real nigga like me

Still buying weed mothafuck the police

I’m cold as a bitch and I don’t even need a fleece

And if she looking good tell her drop to her knees

I got a bad asian cause I know japanese

Kow-niggachi-wa, let me get the coochie

Naw girl I don’t wanna watch a movie

She said cool then licked on me

I already know how a hating nigga be

He talk a lot of shit till he see me

Now it’s all good, he don’t even want to speak

I think he sees the blade that’s attached to me

Off like a sign, got you niggas on the run

You even not a man if you have to use a gun

I’m stressing that steel, let me tell you niggas something

A bullet to a nigga head don’t even mean nothing

Beat the nigga ass if he wanna prove something

Real fucking talk nigga, you don’t know nothing

Jailed three times and I’m still here smoking

I don’t give a fuck while I’m sipping my potion

All out in the open, I don’t deal with no commotions

Girls on me like they want me to hold ’em

I’m eating so good let me tell you how I love it

Leave the bullshit last when the money is the subject

I’m still on my mothafucking goddamn hustle

Try to blame me and I’ll break your damn muscle

I’m so serious nigga see my blood vessel

Your boy over there on a goddamn stretcher

Kenpachi hold it down whenever I tell him

Can’t you niggas see I’m on another damn level

The girls digging me and I don’t even see a shovel

Fuck you niggas mean

Boy you need to think better

Before I let a death note right you a letter


Oh my God, no Gohan

Gohan you’re not strong enough to save me

Goku you’re not strong enough to save me

Oh my gosh

It’s the Wulf


Xavier Wulf Philosopher’s Throne

I pull off with my nigga finna throw a fit

I pull up on a bitch, I don’t say shit, she gettin’ in

But I had to kick her out cause I ain’t tell her ass to get in

I embarrass her in front of her little friends

You see, I do a lot of shit now just because I can

I could kill a man with my bare fuckin’ hands

And I don’t need a gun to fuckin’ help with my defense

You play with me, I’ll hang ’em up on the front fence

Leave it up to me, I’m Terrortuga Man, the prince

And I don’t give a fuck about nothing but a spliff

You switch it back to us, my whole squad smokin’ ghost dust shit [?]

Couldn’t pull my damn blunt with a tow truck

Leave it up to me, I smoke the whole thing, one puff, I had enough

I ain’t finna mingle with no fuck boy

Which one Imma hit first when I come for ’em?

Can’t sit back, bitch I’m trynna go and look for ’em

Squad said to chill man, them little niggas ain’t that important

I said yea, you right my boy, now it’s time to get to smoking

See me on a mountain looking out, I’m cold as Nova Scotia

You can sip some lean, little bitch, I drink my own potion

All these little niggas don’t even know where they goin’

I trip a fool so easily cause he don’t know what he doin’

I make a make a new tag and lay it up on you prick niggas

Don’t come asking me about shit, I don’t talk about nothin’, nigga

I think I’ve seen too much, I’m trapped inside a trip, nigga

Now I be zoning in and zoning out until I see the children

Now I feel a little better, I’m smoking on the ceiling

I’m like [Mifune] I ain’t puny

I’ll surround your building

It’s just me, and my shadow clones, finna get ’em

You see me chillin’ on a ship, smokin’ on a twister

She got respect for me, look how she call me “sir” and “mister”

I’m like chill bitch, I’m young, but I dig the gesture

Now pull up to the show, look like Limp Bizkit in it

You see, the line too long, they think that Kurt Cobain up in it

I’m like the new Foo Fighter, I don’t like to fuck with niggas

I been through shit that took the pain up off my whole picture

I turn the other cheek if she pass a swisher

I’m Mr. Excellent, Philosopher, Professor

I’m not easily impressed, I’m pressin’ extra pressure

I pull up and make a hater wanna find the exit

I’m headed back to Texas but I ain’t got no ex’s

Who is Rob Dyrdek’s friend? Bitch I’m more reckless

I pull in, doin’ 100 through whoever’s section

I ain’t switchin’ back for nothin’, [?] Tortuga heaven

I run this whole damn city cause nobody livin’

I clean the blood off my door, cause here come the children

You give no fuck about no hater, nor no imitator

When you the only damn captain sittin’ at the table

You bitch!

Xavier Wulf Bugs On Fruit

Who they hatin’ on?

Aw, they hatin’ on me?

Alright, then, okay

Nah, that’s cool, don’t say nothin’

Don’t say nothin’, it’s cool, it’s cool

Wait, wait, watch this, watch this

What’s wrong with you hatin’ ass niggas?

What’s wrong with y’all?

It’s cool

All you niggas hate on me, but you still love me, I don’t understand it (understand it)

Man, I hate you motherfuckers so much, I can’t even explain it (explain it)

I don’t care about what you got to say, cause I got about a hundred blades (a hundred blades)

Only fools talk shit and get killed same day, tryin’ to hate on me (hate on me)

All I do is work hard so I can eat good every damn day (every damn day)

Everybody want to do what I do but they can’t do it like the Xav’ (like the Xav’)

All you hypebeast clowns, sit the fuck down now, y’all can’t participate (participate)

Only real niggas ’round here, you ain’t allowed if I don’t say okay (say okay)

Fuck all you haters, man, fuck all you haters, man, I hope you die today (die today)

Bitch I got my own style, labels want to bring me down but I’ma kill ’em later (kill ’em later)

I’m just chillin’ right now, fuck rap music, man, I swear I hate it (swear I hate it)

Fuck the radio nowadays, all you niggas play is that bullshit (that bullshit)

I don’t give a fuck if I make you mad bitch, come and beat my ass then (beat my ass then)


Xavier Wulf Dead Dragon

Nowadays they always switch the subject to some stupid shit

Now you see me ticked and pissed

I’m trippin’ I can’t handle it

Every time you see me eyes lower than a dead man

Red dragon Wulf tangled up into a hellish rant

King Ice Cobra Fang Style, fuck your forty-tech

Leave it up to me I leave ’em twisted, where you see ’em at?

I don’t give no fuck about you punk bitches, never that

Trying to sneak on me you ain’t focused nigga watch your back

Pull up too quick split you open then I crawl back

Diamond tears came dark red due to the blood shed

Pull up to the ark, blades glisten in the pitch dark

Built my whole career getting faded with a pitchfork

I don’t give no fuck bout none of you niggas it go either or

People tried to play the game with me but I got better scores

Thunder Crow Wulf Claw Style now you see me soar

Niggas acting shady give no fuck, play me I’ll leave ’em sore

Bitch I’m finna cop the Celsior, switch to sui doors

We ain’t from The Pack but we really ride them scrapers boy

Hit the curb slow at a angle yeah, that a boy

Static bags, whatever we rocking nigga we enjoy

Pull off from the clique blunt burning in the moonlight

I knew I was right left that girl and had a better night

She said, “So you single?”

I said, “Bingo bitch you damn right”

Now you see me fading smoking waiting for my next fight

You bitch

Xavier Wulf Yume

Mane I’m hot as hell like Texas in the summertime in a sweatsuit

This girl gon’ sweat me till I text her, but she don’t even know I’m a next her

I don’t even try to impress her, I just do me and undress her

She wanna stay but I’m finna’ tell her

Get up out my hotel-a

Girl I seen that text message that you just sent to your best friend

Telling her to tell her girlfriend that they needa’ come get with this

But I can’t lie, this is pretty nice

I got diamonds frozen in the girls ice

She looking around like what the fuck

Is this real? Should I be waking up?

I said it’s up to you, but I’m finna’ smoke

She pressing me, tryna’ get the stroke

I hit the bitch with the okey doke

That pokey poke, and then I take a smoke

My planet healthy with good crops

I’m a farmer now, cause I’ll grow the pot

Then smoke it with ya’ if you cool enough

I smoke a lot but I don’t smoke enough

Your girlfriend don’t wanna be cuffed

Why the fuck you niggas so lame for?

I got spirit punch all for myself

And I ain’t sharing nothing, you better help yourself

I’m working hard but I hardly work

She make some money when she start to twerk

I’m chilling out, moving ain’t worth it

We gotta get high, baby close my curtains