Xscape Let Me Know


I got something for you,

And I think you’re sexy,

And if you want me let me know.

You ain’t gotta spend no money,

Just a little time with me honey,

That will let me know you love me so.

[Verse One:]


There are so many things,

That I want to talk to you about.

Like do you want me, do you love me,

‘Cause I have my doubts.


I have a funny feeling,

That you want me around for just one thing,

To push your little ego,

With the knowledge that I bring.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse Two:]


You know that I want you,

And I made it very clear.

I would never ever hurt you,

I’d never let you shed a tear.


The only thing I want to know,

Do you feel the love for me.

I’m not gonna keep on waiting,

That’s not how it’s gonna be,

You got to…


Let me know,

I never knew that love could ever have me slipping.

Let me know,

I sit in my room thinking of you at night trippin’.

Let me know,

I never knew I would ever get caught caking.

Let me know,

And no man would ever have me shaky.

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

Xscape Who’s That Man?


Know, don’t you wanna know, don’t you wanna know,

Know, who’s that man?


[Verse One (Kandi):]

He’s got a different little style than other men today,

He does his thing with a swing.

And everything you see him do is in a different way,

You never ever seen before.

[Bridge (LaTocha):]

He’s not your ordinary slick uptown type of brother,

Don’t think twice ’cause you’ll never find another.

Because the man behind the mask,

You’ve never ever seen him before.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse Two:]


He’s got the flava to do his his thang,

He’s got something everybody wish they had,


And something tells me you don’t wanna make him mad,

No you don’t, no you don’t, no you don’t.

[Repeat Bridge and Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse One, Bridge and Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

Xscape Am I Dreamin’

Am I dreaming, baby,

Are you for real?

[Verse One:]

[Ol’ Skool]

Things are kind of hazy,

And my head’s all cloudy inside.

Now I’ve heard talk of angels, baby,

But never thought I would have one to call mine.


See you are just too good to be true,

And I hope, there’s not some kind of mirage,

With you, oh baby.


Am I dreamin’,

Am I just imagining you’re here in my life?

Am I dreamin’,

Pinch me to see if it’s real,

Cause my mind can’t decide.

[Verse Two:]

[Ol’ Skool] Will this last for one night,

[Kandi] Or do I have you for a lifetime?

[Ol’ Skool] Please say that it’s forever,

And that it’s not an illusion to my eye.


And I hope that you just don’t up and disappear,

My love, I pray,

That it’s not a hoax, and it’s for real, oh.

[Repeat Chorus]


[Ol’ Skool] Baby I know,

Sometime, say that sometime,

I need you to show me girl.

Show me that you’re not a mirage,

[LaTocha] Oh baby, I need you, I need you, I need you.

Oh, I need you to pinch me, baby.

[Ol’ Skool] I need you to pinch me baby,

Am I dreamin baby?

[Repeat Chorus]


[Ol’ Skool] My mind can’t decide, no no,

[LaTocha] Oh, baby,

Touch me baby, feel me baby.

[Ol’ Skool] I wanna know if you’ll be right there,

[LaTocha] Oh oh oh…

[Ol’ Skool] I wanna know if you’ll be right there,

Tell me this is not an illusion.

[LaTocha] Touch me baby, I want you to feel me baby,

[Ol’ Skool] Somebody let me know,

I wanna know if you’ll be right there,

If it’s real,

This is not a mirage, no.

Xscape All I Need


Can’t you see your love is all I need,

Without you I’m nothing so please don’t ever leave.

[Verse One (Tiny):]

Baby, I think you should take the time alone,

To sort out your feelings and be sure you’re not going wrong, no.

You see, I know you hear many things that make you cry,

But our love is too strong to be ruined by a lie.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse Two (Tamika):]

Now tell me how I could ever live without you,

I can’t live without you,

If you left me now I don’t know what I would do.

I’ve never known anyone who could love me like you do,

You mean the world to me and I feel I mean as much to you.

[Repeat Chorus]

I’ve never known anyone who could love me like you do,

You mean the world to me and I feel I mean as much to you.

[Repeat Chorus (x2)]


[Tamika:] No I just can’t live without you,

[All:] Can’t live without your love,

So baby please don’t leave.

[Tamika:] You should take some time to realise,

[All:] You’re the only one I’m thinking of.

Baby please don’t leave,

[Tamika:] Thought our love was too strong to fall,

I need you baby so please don’t go.

Xscape Can’t Hang

[Intro by JD:]

Let’s get down

Let’s get down

[Verse One (Kandi):]

You claim you’ve been waiting,

With no game, just anticipating,

How it would be if you and I were in the sack

But to me you look like you wouldn’t know how to act

[Bridge (LaTocha):]

I need someone to hold me,

All night long.

It must be you my darling,

Am I wrong.

It ain’t a damn thing baby,

Show me what you can bring,

Cause some try to swang but they still can’t hang.


You and me let’s get down,

Even though you claim that you’ve been around,

I betcha can’t hang,

I betcha can’t hang.

[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]

You claim you can do this, this and that,

Ain’t no shame in my game,

If it’s wack I gotta tell you that.

So you betta be up on your down stroke,

You gotta know how to keep this boat afloat,

Cause in my mind I think your gonna slip baby.

[Repeat Break and Chorus]

[Rap by MC Lyte:]

You talk a lot of this and you talk a lot of that,

Is it all fact brotha man are you phat?

Cause if it’s on the real I come with mad sex appeal,

Flip light delicious, you know the deal.

Hey that’s me, I be the slick,

The one with the physique,

I freak you in the sheets.

I take a nigga deep down under,

I make him wonder,

How to make the lighting come before the thunder.

That’s the pleasure I bring,

I make a nigga get up and sing,

Tinga linga ling ling.

I got the pow, da boogie and the bang bang

You can’t hang don’t talk da game

[Repeat Chorus]

Xscape Do Your Thang

[Voice on telephone:]

If you’d like to make a call,

Please hang up and try again.

If you need help,

Hang up and then dial your operator.

[Intro by JD:]

Live from College Park,

Still kickin’ it you know,

Another year another hit,

[email protected]#t, nigga you can’t fade this.

[Verse (Kandi):]

If the music makes you move,

And you can fell the groove,

Then groove on, groove on.

If you feel like you wanna make love,

Under the stars above,

Then love on, love on.

If there’s something you wanna say,

‘Cos talking is the only way,

Then rap on, rap on.

‘Cos whatever you do,

Oh, you gotta do your thang.

Xscape Get Down

[Verse One (LaTocha):]

Baby, don’t worry ’bout what they say,

Maybe, you and I can do our own thing,

All I want is for you and I to get down.

Baby I know just what your thinking,

I’ve got what you need but can you handle it,

All night long, all I want,

Is for you and I to go dance.


Baby we can do it,

Lets dance all night.

Come on make your move

Let’s party all night

All night long,

All I want is for us to get down

[Verse Two (Tiny):]

Move on down to the dance floor,

The way you move you make me want you more,

All I want is for you and I to get down.

Just let the music take control of you,

Why don’t we do what we came here to do,

All night long, all I want,

Is for us to get down, get down.

[Repeat Chorus x2]

We’re gonna dance til the early morn’,

We’re gonna do what we came here for.

Move on down to the dance floor,

And get down, get down.

[Repeat x2]

Xscape The Runaround

But you been sleepin’ and you’re creepin’, babe,

But you been creepin’ and you’re sleepin’, baby.

[Verse One (LaTocha):]

It’s Friday night and I’ve been freakin’ out,

900 times, I know I called your house,

So many times your momma cursed me out,

But I’m not sorry.

Saturday morning, I ain’t slept at all,

I smelled her perfume and your alcohol,

They say that you and her have had a ball,

Don’t you dare lie to me.


I know I’m gettin’ the runaround,

I know that you sleep around,

So don’t try and play it down,

I know you’re givin’ it, I know she’s gettin’ it.

[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]

I grabbed my keys and I jumped in my ride,

I may be hurt but I ain’t gonna cry,

Just wanna find out what you did last night,

Before I leave you.

I found her number and I know her name,

I gotta front this girl, make her explain,

I can’t believe she dipped into my thing,

Yet she’s getting over.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge (Kandi):]

It took a lot for me to give you all my loving, yeah,

And just to think I gave you everything for nothing.

I tried my best to satisfy you,

All the times that I stood right by you,

I think that I’ll be better on my own, baby.

Oh baby,

I know your givin’ it, I know she’s gettin’ it.

But you been sleepin’ and you’re creepin’ babe

But you been creepin’ and you’re sleepin’ baby

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

[Break (LaTocha):]

Now I can’t believe that you did this to me,

Well, you better leave.

You go tell what’s her name that it isn’t a game,

Boy you messed up your thang.

Xscape Hard To Say Goodbye

[Verse One (Tamika):]

Time has been short since you left me,

So I can’t help but think,

Of how things between us used to be.

You were a piece of my heart,

And I thought we were swell,

Until you told me you were leaving,

To find a better life for yourself.

Oh I…


I wish we were together again,

Loving the way we used to love,

Boy I miss you much.

I wish we were together again,

Oh how I’m missing you,

It’s so hard for me to say goodbye.

[Verse Two (Kandi):]

You know that I love you,

And for you there ain’t nothing in this world,

That I won’t do.

If you would only come back to me,

And let me show you how loving me could be.



I, I’ve got feelings,

But you act like you don’t care,

You treat me so unfair.


Love has no meaning,

Since you walked right out my life.

You’ve touched a part of me,

Can’t you see that I’m in need of you?

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

Xscape Hold On

[Verse One (Tiny):]

I can make any man do whatever it takes,

Yet I hesitate, sit ’em down or wine and dine and make a play.

There’s more to love than you’re thinking of,

If I can wait then why won’t you my my my my love.


There’s more to love then making love,

So why don’t you just hold on.

There’s a time for everything,

But I have got to know.

Hold on to love [repeat x7]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]

It’s not too late to slow it down, settle down and appreciate,

All the love I’m showing you and giving you in other ways.

Soon enough my heart will say to you I do, to love always,

I’ll give myself to you that day and my baby, oooh yeah yeah yeah.

[Bridge (Kandi):]

I don’t want to be another one,

So you can say that you’ve had your way.

I’ll show you I’m worth the wait,

Just hold on to everyday,

And we will know how far to go in time.

[Repeat Chorus]

Hold on to love [repeat x7]

Whoa whoa whoa

[Repeat x8]

[Repeat Chorus]