Chris Ledoux Daydream Cowboy

I’m sittin’ in a city filled with people cars and smoke

The walls are closin’ in on me my heart’s about to choke

The world becomes a foggy dream and I no longer see

The dirty concrete canyons where I have come to be

Cause a cowboy rides the mountains and the draws inside my mind

With his Buckskin underneath him and his pockets full of time

And I can hear his spurs a jinglin’ the chimes of his slappin’ tack

As his horse lopes up a ridge with the moon light on his back

He rides into a bearin’ country not meant for him alone

For a lovin’ dark haired lady waits for her cowboy to come home

Well his hat was made in Texas and his chaps are bat wing style

His saddles made by Hauser he rides it all the while

It glistens with silver conches tap adores for his feet

He’s got a chew of Copenhagen tucked inside his cheek

In fact the only thing that saves me here from goin’ plumb insane

Is that cowboy poundin’ leather down in the coolies in my brain

And I can hear his spurs a jinglin’…