Chronic Future Come Correct

Oooooohhhhh it’s exciting never

Biting but busy reciting

For the next concert enlightening

The writing that’s occurring

Burring because it’s 360 degrees

Below the hypotenuse

I called a truce but now I’m living

It no more getting lit for a little bit

There seems to be a void but

Everything resides inside of it

All my thoughts travel father than space ships

Longer than the plane trip

SO you know we’ll go down

If we don’t take a look around

Disappearing/reappearing humans fearing

The light at the end of the tunnel’s

In the rearview mirror and

Some of my peers are stuck up at the tollbooth

They’re agitated with life like it’s a loose tooth

Ruthless behavior never did save you

In a sticky situation

Now something else is racing other than my heart

I guess I’ll pull another item right out of the cart

So let me stop like this

We’re gonna go down

If we don’t take a look around

We’re the Chronic Future and

We’re coming correct son

Helping fill you life with daily illusion

We’re both livin’ in this institution

With no introduction you think I’m pollution

You debated over the topics you can’t

Top this that’s why you should stop this

Given the current jurisdiction laughter’s

In the pocket

Of the beholder with the friction

Comes fiction that’s older

Than the boulder weighing down

The habits on your shoulder

But it’s old now that’s true fact

The new news to you is that

You lose nothing something coming up

And you’re giving it slack

But that’s wack but tha’s that

And that’s what oyu chose

You got too short of a fuse

So you lose and go down


Do watcha say everyday

And even though I portray

Who I am’s not good enough for you

Startin’ to make us stay like glue

I’m coming in back with the track

Stepping it up we on attack

Never do lack what you need but you

Grab with you greed

So you know we will proceed

To go down

If we don’t take a look around