Creature Feature Dr. Sawbones

There goes Dr. Sawbones

Creeping down the alleyway

Looking for a victim

The game of chance is underway

He is biding his time

Fleeting through the cabarets

Searching for a subject

To bring about their Judgement Day

There goes Dr. Sawbones

Slipping through the underbrush

Peering through your windows

Conspiring for your blood

He is stalking the night

Just as happy as can be

Waltzing through the graveyard

Praying for an entity


There is this longing for blood

That I am trying to quench

There is this yearning for pain

That is forever entrenched

There is this spot on my soul

And it will never come clean

There is this flaw in my brain

That is far from serene

There goes Dr. Sawbones

Readying his instruments

Making sure they’re razor sharp

They have dark deeds to dispense

He is raising the stakes

Broadening his dossier

In this game of cat and mouse

He will take your breath away

There goes Dr. Sawbones

Strolling through the dirty streets

Judging which soul to confront

He is haunting the town

Drifting through the corridors

Disappearing in the fog

Watch your back lest you be gored



Oh look, here comes the doctor now

Dressed to the nines and on the prowl

An attaché case in his hands and dark thoughts of devious plans

He’s the perfect picture

Of a charismatic gentleman

Magnetic and debonair

Chivalrous and spirited

But once he’s got you in his sights

That’s when the delirium ignites

The madness quickly takes control

And villainy engulfs his soul

Pray you never cross his path

Steal a glance and incite his wrath

His dashing demeanour gives away and depravity comes out to play