Danielle Peck Lay Back Down

Lay back down here with me honey

Who needs the money from workin’ all day

Life is short, time is a runnin’

Let’s make a little lovin’ ‘fore it slips away

Lay back down, babe why don’t you kiss me

You know you’re gonna miss me when you’re gone

Here and now is all that really matters

Wouldn’t you rather be where you belong


Hold me close

No, I’m not ready to let you go

All I want is you right now

Blame it on your kiss

It keeps leaving me like this

No I can’t get enough of your sweet, sweet love

Baby lay back down

Lay back down the fire’s still burning

The world can keep on turning

For another day

Tomorrow will be there

No need to hurry let’s take our time no worry

It’ll be ok

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Baby lay back down

You know it’s still early

Come on back to bed

You know what I want