Electric Light Orchestra Stranger

On a cold and windy morning, said goodbye to my old friends

They were hangin’ around the corner,

They were stayin’ till the end

On the other side of midnight,

I was lookin’ for a place to stay

And one thing’s sure for certain,

I ain’t never goin’ back again

The streetlights looked so pretty as they spread into a town

I was lookin’ for another sundown

And my head was spinning round and round


Lookin’ through the eyes of a stranger

Lookin’ through the eyes of danger

Lookin’ at the all-night dancer

Never takin’ all the chances

As I walked into the main street, saw a crowd across the square

And I heard a guitar playin’ and I saw you standing there


Distant bells they started ringing, somewhere far off in the night

And the place was full of loneliness that disappeared from sight