Elephant Man Replacement Killer


My style is hot, my style is hot, hot hot.

[Verse 1:]

Badder thant he replacement killer,

Who dat mi hear live inna mi shadow,

Bounty Killer seh mi done, Bounty Filler,

And Tiger seh mi fi beat red stripe offa Zebra,

Badda dan di replacement killer,

Thump down di one bout him sound like Shabba,

Imitate the star when you know you a robber,

Badder dan di replacement killer,

Lexxus bust, don’t try sound like di bredder,

Eh yow, inna Kip Rich style dem a walla,

Vietnam mi live, mi par wid Kirk dem and Fatta,

Badder dan di replacement killer,

Capleton seh mi fi gwaan bun di fire,

Claim seh mi bad, but Elephant man badder,

Claim seh dem mad but Elephant Man madder, hum,

A now you want fi start a beef (fight) with one little boy,

You don’t want to start a war with me,

And di ice (diamond) dem pm wi hand,

A freeze up di city,

Check di temperature below Zero degree.

[Verse 2:]

Dem a carbon, tief dem style,

Like di bwoy Henry Morgan,

Push up you chest mek dem dig out you organ,

When you done, him go lie down inna Ward One,

Man a Elephant Man and mi a nuh human,

Mawga like Squiddley, big like Hulk Hogan,

Dem ya style, thump out like George Foreman,

Murder di bwoy dat a mi slogan.

[Verse 3:]

Go look a image,

Mi a only Elephant Man inna di village,

Use you head play scrimage,

Who dast mi hear di bwoy a pirate,

Down a Greenage,

Cut him like callaloo, crush him like spinach,

Run dem down, dem start scream like bitches,

Sixty three lane,

Gi dem ninety stitches find dem out a fool,

And mi find out dem a bitches.

[Verse 1]