Flobots Related

I am one in 7 billion searching for my family

Now you’ve come innocent love

My ears can hear my eyes can see

We are related we’re arm in arm

We are unarmed

We are related we’re arm in arm in arm

And I’m overwhelmed by so much misery

See people I know see people I love see people divided up so bitterly

Watch out for the enemy enemy enemy enemy enemy preaching it like a liturgy

And I pray for the day when you open the gates and say you finally have forgiven me

My cell vibrates and I know it’s not you

I am now somebody who you will not talk to

How could I expect you to forgive me

After all our history I had to act atrocious

Remember hugging big trees back in nacogdoches

Couldn’t let go

Just couldn’t let go

This is how we live

Holding onto memories

Searching for my families

Roots trees planted deep

Grew up into enemies


My cell vibrates cause I’m singing off key

Locked in a box

Like every day I wake up in the body of an animal

I know it’s not me

But I’m accountable

Nails to a cross

Reach back touch the moment I was innocent

Fold it to my chest

Clutch and hold it til my sins are cleansed

Benefit 7 billion souls with my penitence

Open up the penitentiary gates now

Send us in

Flying on a phoenix path

Been down and beaten back

Born in the ash been the first to come in last

Been the last

One standing

With a a match to light the candle

On the downside of up say

Radhaghast to let them in my castle

Cast aside the old code words

Greet the people at the gates

We are blood others

Found the secrets of love

Beneath the sequence of our shame

The weakness of these chains

Is when we make them visible

Reclaim our greatness

When we break them


Go higher than

Di oxy ribo nucleic acid

Our hearts and songs our greatest asset

Scarred by the latest hazard

Cynically suited up in a hazmat



Temple grandin with the cattle

Prod the people against


We need another seattle


Leading hands

We can be peter pan

And dancing with our shadows

This whole world is turning all the time

A revolution every day

In the sun

Innocent blood

Is drying on the ground of it