Future Benz Friendz

[Pre-Hook: Andre 3000]

I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Benz, bitch

I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Benz, bitch

I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Benz, bitch

And I don’t want no bitch who need to have that kind of friendship

I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Lamb, ho

I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Lamb, ho

I told that bitch I’on’t give a fuck about a Lamb, ho

And I don’t want no bitch who need that kind of nigga, scram, ho

[Hook: Future (Andre 3000) x2]

These cars don’t mean shit, these hoes don’t mean shit

These clothes don’t mean shit, this show don’t mean shit

(Whatchutola, what, whatchutola)

(Whatchutola, what, whatchutola)

[Verse 1: Future]

Graduated from the fabricated sabotages

Conversated with a lady goin’ Lambo crazy

Bitch, you better cut it, shawty, I’m ’bout to cut you off

Oh, you greedy in Tahiti, I just seen you flaunt

Aye, tell that girl you ’bout to settle, whatchu tired of?

Aye, see how she react when you’re no longer in your Bimmer

Then she find out that the Bentley wasn’t really rented

Can you sell a kilo? Help a nigga move a kilo

Oh, you want the private jet to take a flight to Rio

Can’t no Maybach prevent a nigga from makin’ mula

Oh, you gold diggin’ diggin’ graveyard loser

Ain’t none of my cars American, King of Zamunda

Let’s have a heart-to-heart, drink wine, make art

Backseat of the Benzo, the AMG

Can you love a thug, is all make believe

Pure fantasy, I see through it easily



[Verse 2: Andre 3000]

I told the girl I’m ’bout to sell the Porsche, I’m tired of it

She go and told these folks I’m goin’ broke, a smile poured

From my lips, cuz if I’m broke, it’s only hearted

Broken records from broken English, that’s all it

(Hol up) and if I were, why would you throw a party?

Affection is so convenient when ballin’

Correction: these hoes don’t mean it when fallin’

I guess that’s why Lois can’t be with Clark Kent

Fly on a nigga back while he Superman

But if I’m in a wheelchair, you still there?

Stop searchin’ for words, I feel stupid man

The shit is the Pittsburgh, I still care

White button downs and Emory scrubs

Had to write her birthday down cuz my memory sucks

But this shit comes back up like some acid reflux

Or a Michael Jackson jacket with some plastic zippers

I was zippin’ through the city and I don’t give a fuck

1994 Toyota Land Cruiser because

That bitch ain’t never broke down on me, why would I do that to her?

Simple is it, symbolism, I’ll pull up at a club

And might not never buy a new car again, if I can help it

Cause if I buy one they gon sell ten, then what I’m left with?

Throw a nigga one on the strength, then we might could talk

Til then, I’mma ride my fuckin’ bike, or walk


[Verse 3:]


I told that girl, I told that girl tell the truth

Say she the greatest bitch I ever met, then show me some proof

These girls be droppin’ these lies, these girls be makin’ shit up

She don’t wanna stand in my line, she tryna come to the front

[Andre 3000:]

Yeah, she love her country but hate American cars

For the shape of them, he’ll have you know all them bitches is foreign

If yellow seems to be the color in fashion

What happens to all this good black pussy he keep ignorin’?

The world told him don’t shit rhyme with orange

The girl is only with him because he’s tourin’

Well go on angel, I don’t blame you, don’t hang yo head

I know it’s survival for you, get it like an IOU


She’s so

Multi-realistic, I’m just enjoyin’ life, I’m livin’ life, you know?

That worldwide pussy, yeah

Worldwide pussy, yeah

Pull up at a girl crib bumpin’ Lil’ Boosie, yeah



[Outro: Future]

We drive these cars on the regular

This life that I live is incredible

We gon be fly whenever, we gettin’ richer forever

Without these foreign vehicles, we still gon be together?