Glasvegas Change

Mama, I feel so scared

For three years

Liberty and walking free

Was every night my fantasies

Mama, I feel so afraid

Swallow me up the open gates

As the unknown awaits

Cause I don’t think I could ever ever change

I would change if I could


I would change for you

Listen son, don’t be scared. Please don’t be afraid.

So let’s earn each others love

And never until it’s something unconditional

So come on son, bring back that smile again,

And be led not into temptation.

Dare to resist reoffending again

Coz son, truly, it’s never too late to change

A change is sometimes good

But before you change for me,

Change for you.

Mama, my street as I remember is still the same

Wonder what the people round here say?

Son, only you can turn things the other way

I think my friends have all gave up on me

Untie your chains, reach out in apology

Then dance dance dance into the the future with me

Beware the fences the prison defences, and the lies they say

Inside these walls commitments involuntary

Only the lonely in this correctional facility’s

Isn’t it sad, isn’t it a pity.

In the still of every night… I pray

For the damaged who’ll be loved unwillingly

From in a place, no man truly ever walks away

Mum I’m so sorry for what I’ve put you through

I will change for you

Son, a change is sometimes good

But before you change for me…

Change for you.