GZA Luminal


This is a tale of a town with the population

Of approximately two thousand people

They small close in their community with crime

And murder, we’re virtually unheard of

With front doors, were always left unlocked

A place where mayhem only happens in your wildest dreams


For some, the sun will never come out tomorrow

Like those in this heart pounding tale of random horror

Of a body count, after trashin’ it, they done with it

Victims inflicted with passionate punishment

Specific offers of horrific torture

That left crime scenes, that retired law enforcers

This ruthlessness knew no bounds, as he beat him down

Shot him while gagged and bound, kept the whole town

Shocked, with they doors locked, fire arms cocked

Major roads blocked, no one knows when he knocks

As a kid he killed three pets of an attorney

So his child passion became a life long journey

Grew into a world of destruction, abduction

Left many body parts flowin’ on the Hudson

Whether fountain or ditch, after the ride you hitched

Screams is high pitched from scars you can’t stitch

Mutilated and decapitated, white collar chicks

Just from his involvement in local politics

His outfit stained with the blood of the slain

While his backyard full of skeletal remains

His goal in life, was preparation for death

An autopsy showed affixation, loss of breath

Was it his fascination, for strangulation

The lynchings in the ’20’s was his inspiration

Unspeakable acts that made front page

Motivated by an unexplainable rage

[Interlude: samples]

“A suspected killer plaguing this community

Has once again eluded police and detectives”

“We have no leads, no photos, no suspects”

“This nameless, faceless murderer

Has killed a couple, execution style, in their own home

Smashed a 12-year old Little League ball player skull, with a baseball bat”

“We have no leads, no photos, no suspects”

The State psychologist, forensic pathologist

Warned the detective to search beyond the obvious

They ruled out the possibility that the killa be

Physically fit with athletic ability

Talley and murder, on his agenda

There was no word, and it’s code for “surrender”

So when the headlines had announced the arrest, the repercussion

Was his trial became a lightning rod for discussion

Compellin’ evidence, statements from residents

Validated guilt as he maintained his innocence

From the hair to the fiber, broke the bondage wire

The stains on the carpet consisted with saliva

DNA directly linked to the psycho

Luminal made it glow, was test to Type 0

For many years, a lot of murders went unsolved

A lot of blood resolve as guns still revolve

The bullets had names that made the frames shatter

Most savage massacre that made the brains scatter

Detectives astounded by the scope of the crime

Made a hard discovery from one of many signs

While questionin’ a man he picked up on a scanner

He reacted in a loud and agitated matter

And once they tried to read him his rights

He turned cold as ice