I Set My Friends On Fire Nobody Wants To Be Parrot Man

By now they should be trashing my place..

Fuck your forensics they won’t find a trace.

I’m glad you brought your uzi-submachine gun;

I’m still pumped like a pneumatic caisson 

Lock and load your heat,

I can see swat on my block across from this street..

Surrounded by news and neighbors,

I need to get back in and find those research papers.

Slammed my expensive self-driving car straight into my home,

To get the slick sequence embedded in the human genome

Pre-filled the trunk with remote triggered explosives

I’d be surprised to see if anyone lives..

The smell of success was so offensively profound,

Good thing all of the work was kept in an underground compound.

As I was hauling ass to the tellurian secretion,

I began to excrete deceit during the completion.

The final product may be controversial,

There are more health risks than health benefits, 

Like a depression pill commercial.

Painstaking hours on the serum; 

The sum outweighed our expectations outcome

Stayed long enough to become the villain

The side effects are starting to kick in.

Boosted my high and I’m stimulated,

Everything thing looks simulated,

This has gone further than I anticipated.

I am now one of the bad guys,

You keep on killing..

But just never dies.

Not ever getting to see the afterlife is extremely hard to conceive 

I’d love to see you again even though it sounds harder to believe…

When I was genetically mutating

In that radioactive spill,

You stood there and admired yourself.

While I was forced to being fucked

Against my will..

The multifariousness,

Of your perniciousness,

Is the longest laconic length for ulterior motives

You will ever expect of guess.