Ingram Hill Day Your Luck Runs Out

‘Bout that time again

Strange feelin’ in the wind

Standin’ in this place

Starin’ face to face

But we don’t see eye to eye

Somehow all the blame is mine

You’re doin’ nothin’ wrong

You say all your trust is gone

Yeah you gotta tell me what you want ’cause I can’t see through your mind

Oh you gotta hit me with it baby show me what’s deep inside

The trouble’s got me where it wants me

But that won’t be enough to end me

I’ve said it times before, you ain’t gonna walk on me no more

You really don’t know how to treat me

You’re lucky you still hung onto me

But next time your luck runs out, and that’s the day I’m walkin’ out your door

I’m beggin’ baby please

You must believe in me

Hear too many lies

Don’t know which way to side

But I tell you I’m the truth

There’s a chance for me and you

But you’ve got to close your eyes

And leave this far behind