Jacquees Just The Intro

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Aye what’s goin on

Ha! It’s Jacquees

I know a lot of ya’ll love my music

You know what I’m saying, love the way I do, love the way I dress, love the way I kill it

But I think It’s time I introduce myself as a man shawty you dig what I’m sayin’?

Gucci hat, Gucci cologne, Gucci jacket

(Smellin’ good as a motherfucker)

Gucci belt

Still might wear some forces when I pull up on you

If you in a Cadillac, cut this motherfucker up now, I’m feelin like T.I

Huh, young king like T.I

Aye! Aye! And if you havin’ stars in your wraith and this bag you gon’ chase cut this motherfucker up now I’m tellin’ you

This shit gon’ turn you up

And if you under 18, there ain’t really too much I can do for you

You know I’m twenty-two, no kids?

Livin’ on my own, feelin’ like a young bachelor

You know what I’m sayin’?

Single, I do what I wanna do, tour life right now, I’m on a tour bus right now

It’s celebrity night though, we done motherfucking turned up

Yeah, had a lot of shit I want to say to you, a lot of shit we could have did, you know what I’m sayin’?

I know niggas ain’t used to that intro how I almost got off track though

But since you playin’ though, look since you playin’

Oooh I’m on a mission

Oooh I’m tryna get it

Get paid yeah

Do I need permission?

I know my wrongs from my rights

Tired of playin’ games, I think you’re someone I like

Now usually I’m the player type but I think you’re someone I’d wife

But since you playin’ baby, I’m gon’ let you live your life

Go on baby, girl it’s your world

Hate to see you like all them girls

All of my bitches, they all drinking liquor

It’s filled by the pitch, they fuck with my niggas

They tryna get with us, they see we the realest

I’m stackin’ my figures, got Henny in my system

I talk to my sister, when I’m in my feelings

I figure she’d listen, I need someone to listen to me

I need someone to listen to me, yeah

To me, me

Since you playin’ games

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, no I can’t wait!

Can’t wait, I can’t wait, wait


It’s just the intro, just the intro

I know ya’ll ain’t used to the intro

Twenty-two, since you playin’

It’s just the intro