James Otto Lowdown On The Highlife

He played guitar in a honky-tonk band

He drank Jack Daniels, black label brand

He was the life of the party

Till they closed down the bar

In the eyes of a young boy, he was a star


He’d say, “son, don’t you run down the roads that i’ve run

And don’t go and sing all the songs that i’ve sun

‘Cause this kind of livin’ takes its toll on a man

And through the smoke and the neon i saw it first hand

I got the lowdown on the highlife

Bust still here i am.”

The blues and the bottle held him under their spell

Took him to heaven and put us through hell

Well, sometimes I feel him up on this stage

His restless spirit

Still runs through my veins


I got the lowdown on the highlife

But still here I am