Jason Reeves Back With Me

If time was moving backwards

The smoke would turn to trees

And ice would melt from water

And rivers run from seas

And fall would follow winter

And summer’d turn to spring

And you’d be back with me

If I’d paid more attention

Heard every word you said

If I’d thought about you more

And me a little less

And if I would have noticed

The things I didn’t see

Then you’d be back with me

Back in these arms

That are empty without you

Back in my world

That revolved around you

Tears would run back

To my eyes

The rain would fall up

To the sky

If our love was a movie

And I saw it in reverse

The end would never happen

Cause goodbye’d come first

And all this pain I’m feeling

Would turn to ecstasy

And you’d be back with me

You’d be back with me