Joell Ortiz Recognize

[Joell Ortiz:]

One plus one ain’t always two

It’s one me, one music we want and it’s wonderful

That’s why I still get upset when y’all wonder who

Is the best, I’m in the flesh, mic check, one, two

I said “Is this thing working? Do y’all not hear me?”

Like err website keep they dot-com near me

I’m on the playlist in these kid’s iPods

Fuck execs, all their interns think I’m hard

I don’t go up to radio to talk

So lose the questions, bring up a beat and I’ll freak New York

Make you wanna go to the roof and clamp the heat you bought

Cause you be pumped like the feet on the skeets I tossed

They say “Me, I’m more”, I say “Me, not yours

But me like your culo so me want more”

And they know the routine, we ain’t gotta rehearse

And shorty give me back shots like I shot at her first