k-os Musical Essence

Let’s talk about musical essence

Can you feel the presence

Coming from the heavens

Getting mad illy from my bovedic recital

Music is vital

Holy like the bible

Cosmo coming from a whole different galaxy

Hoping I can use my for mental capacity

This is how I rock it for the ’94 session

Relieve all your stressin’

Put down your Smith and Wesson


When I’m on the microphone (say what)

I’m bugged out in a hip hop zone (say what)

I don it by my own design (you know it)

Got the funk one time for your mind (check it)

This is the critical script

Cuz I flip

Slip for the butter

This nigga don’t stutter

And seldom do I utter

A word that really don’t make sense

Forget about the past cuz your in the present tense

And I present down and ill I come down

I’m get busy with the adjectives

Now you know what empathic is

It’s kinda funny how mc’s exist with no presence (ha ha)

But not me I rock the musical essence











Eh yo

They said I couldn’t do it

That I didn’t have the skills

Now they got ta eat words like buffalo bills

I catch a wreck like 12 car pileup

Penetrate global states

Like ultraviolet rays

Days and days go on I keep pluggin’

Pop keep beefin’

Ya my ma ya she’s buggin’

She said ya you better go to school

Or you’ll waste your whole life and you’ll end up like a fool

I popped i tape and proceed to bop my head

And disregard every thing that they said

Cuz music is life

Life is not pleasent

If I’m not rolling with the musical essence

Its the essence man

Its the essence yo

We got it going on

Come on sing it