Karen Clark Sheard I’ve Been Changed

Any other day

I wouldn’t have dealt with this situation this way

There were a lot of things I wanted to say

But when I thought about what would have happened

If I let you get the best of me

No way

Now I can truly say


I was a bird on the ground

Using my legs to get around

I was a piano out of tune

But I’ve been turned around

Tell you how I know

Places I used to go

I don’t even go no more

Cause I can fly now

And the song I play lets me know

I’ve been changed

Never mind what you heard

I’m not the same somewhere, somehow, some way

I reversed the way I do things

I know it ain’t worth all the

Tug of war with you

To prove I’m stronger

I no longer

Stay to play and lose

Now I’m proud to say it’s true



Make no mistake about it

Anyone could change

But it takes a strong mind to say

That doing the right thing is ok

And now that I’ve decided

To give up these ways

There’s no turning back now

Now that I found out

I can overcome all these things

[Chorus x2]