Keith Urban Homespun Love

You spun your web back a Sunday or two

I ain’t never met nobody

Like the likes of you

You got me preachin’ the news

You turned down my road and decided to stay

And I took a shine to your hair

And your hillbillly ways

And how you kiss on my face

I got a bone deep feelin’

You’re the start of the good ole days


Well I still remember

You came by my trailer

With chicken and some homemade wine

The dogs got to barkin’

When we got the sparkin’

We almost set the house on fire

Well I got a big heapin’ helpin’

Of the stuff I get a hankerin’ for

But honey your homespun love

Just keeps me comin’ back for more

I like the flamingos you stuck in your yard

And I like the notions you stick in my head and my heart

Yeah and how you fix on my car

Well I reckon I’m lucky you’re everything I need so far

[Repeat Chorus]