Keyshia Cole Playa Cardz Right


What’s up boo

Ha ha ha ha


Another shady mission


Like watching pictures in hazy vision

Tonight is love making

Take you any place you wish

Today we satisfy

Yesterday was stolen kisses

Blind insanity perfect pictures of me and my family

Not understanding the destiny, that they planned for me

If I have kids will I live to see em grow?

Though I don’t know, I live the life of a thug nigga until the day I go

More broken promises, a sacred bond broken

I know I’ll die alone, but yet and still I’m hoping

Visions of prisons, maybe I’ll be forgiven

I know its better in heaven cause being here ain’t living

Close my eyes and see nothing but pain the world’s crazy

Still look for a queen to plant seeds and have babies

Maybe I’ll be the one, or just maybe I’m lost

You’ll never know being cautious

If you play your cards right

[Chorus x2: Keyisha Cole]


I want to be the one who, who you can depend on who

Who’ll be the one who’ll be there (Be the one who’ll be there)

Oh baby

Down by the water we will, be there till the morning

We won’t, leave until the night and we will, be forever more

[Keyshia Cole]

No one else can do

What you do, for me

Take me away from the pain, I feel, inside (I feel inside)

And it’s gonna be all RIGHT, it will be okay

If we try, and take our time

Please baby, take your time

And we’ll grow, trust I know

[2Pac talking]

You gotta play your cards right

Can’t be rushing like it’s a race you know what I’m saying?

If you be patient, and you take your time

And you finesse it

Nine times out of ten homeboy your gonna wake up with your breakfast in bed

But if you rush

Then you’ll just be man handling

Ha ha

Play your cards right nigga

Take your time

Be patient

It’s better that way

Ha ha

Play your cards right


Take your time man

Don’t be in such a rush

Ha ha

You got to be patient man, be patient

Ha ha ha ha

It ain’t going nowhere boy

Ha ha

Get some champagne

Bring some roses or something you know?

Play some soft shit

You got to be cool with it

You got to be slow with it

Got to be patient

You got to play your cards right homeboy

You can’t be rushing like it’s a race you know what I’m saying?

If you be patient and you take your time

And you finesse it