Kid Ink Gassed Up


One big chain, but it feel like two, though

Big-ass whip, they don’t make it in a two-door

Two big blunts to the head like a tumor

Steady laughing to the bank, bitch, I’ve got a lot of humor


I see you gassed up – don’t be a hype beast

Look around, niggas dressed just like me

I pull the same hoes in a white tee

Shine bright, diamonds need a fucking ice tray

[Verse 1:]

Eyesight gone, I’m a fucking liability

Life been a bitch since I took that hoe’s virginity

I lost my emotions, can’t find sympathy

High off life and can’t nobody intervene

Bitch, I’m blowing up like AP chemistry

Feeling like a menace since I went in on my enemies

I never gave a fuck ’bout a sucker nigga anyway

The heat on the dresser, still tryna find my…

Naw, you don’t wanna see me ugly, my inner beast

R.I.P. the club, in loving memory

Wake up in the morning and I can’t remember anything

Probably shouldn’t have drank with my stomach so empty

Shit, I’m wilding – see it in my face

See the keys? If it drop, you should get up out the way

Man, I’m sitting on the world, looking into outer space

Sitting in the Range squares got me feeling out of shape

It’s Alumni, bitch, know I’m repping to the grave

ATM, pull the PIN out like a grenade

And money rain all on that ass like a bidet

It’s back, gangbang, got ’em throwin’ up that OK

All up in your face, in your face like “ole”

I’m just getting started, but the game is fucking over

Hit you with that 5, baby, right up off the stovetop

Meet me at the Shell, Mobil or the Chevron, bitch


[Verse 2:]

I say Swaggershipshawty, Kid Ink, baby, KI

Call me by my name, but don’t call me in the daytime

I don’t really skate, but I got these bitches in line

All you niggas thought I would’ve changed when the deal signed

Up all night, take a look into my pale eyes

Gotta keep it G ’til my motherfucking demise

Whoop it, whoop it hard, can’t park this hoe

‘Bout to buy a crib, babysit department store

I ain’t scared of nobody, and I don’t know no other way

Them dudes you with is nobody, we shutting down the VIP

Table full of baddies, bunch of Rihanna and Beyonces

Maker played his cards right, all I got is Ace Of Spades

Back to hit a home run, bases loaded, safe to say

I been fuckin’ on one, you just finally seen the day