King Los T.N.B.


Pull up to the club – skatin’ on them dishes

We in ’67 Chevys, they got Daytons on them bitches

Fuck is goin’ on? Thought that hatin’ shit was finished

We don’t take it personal, we just takin’ niggas bitches

Said we takin’ niggas’ bitches, takin’ niggas’ bitches

Takin’ niggas’ bitches, yeah, we takin’ niggas’ bitches

That’s your girl up in my section? Boy, you know the business

Just don’t take it personal, we takin’ everybody’s bitches

Hundred bottles of Ciroc, drinkin’ like a boss

Fuck what niggas think, bitch, I think I like to floss

Fuck is goin’ on? Thought that hatin’ shit was finished

Take some shots, take some pictures,

Then let’s take these niggas’ bitches

[Verse 1:]

Okay, I’m faded off that motherfuckin’ Ciroc, buzz

Bitch we in the building like sheetrock, studs

Now she want me to beat that pussy ’til it beat-box (what?)

She like my style, so we got ghost while you D-Blockin’, cous’

Yeah, she pullin’ on my sleeve, tryna get close to me

She got a long, wavy weave and a big ol’ booty

I’m gettin’ all this rap money and my boys flip coke

So don’t be actin’ like you bougie if your boyfriend broke

She said he ain’t fuckin’ her right, she gon’ eliminate him soon

I ain’t tryna spend the night, I wanna penetrate it soon

You know, infiltrate that womb, drop in them guts like a convertible

We can get up like that nigga’s ego, dollars off that vertical

She tripped over my swag – so you know where she goin’

Put no bitch over my cash – bitch, I’m ’bout my coins

And I ain’t talkin’ rolls of quarters, but I got some dimes

Tell him make my wheels look extra clean, bruh, I gots to shine


[Verse 2:]

Dance, too much booty in the pants

I’ll blow a couple grand, and straight throw it like a champ

And she drop it, I’m a get it poppin’, shorties know we rockin’

I got all these bitches jockin’ like the motorcycle dance

I’m low on my haters, but I’m high on them digits

I give her that sign, then we slide, you know I’m pipin’ these bitches

She said he ain’t fuckin’ her right, she gon’ eliminate him soon

And my shine out of this world, bitch, I intimidate the moon

I rock Jesus pieces and Coogies – you know, Biggie Smalls

I said “baby, you want some rose?” She said “you know Ricky Ross?”

I said “whoa, my pimpin’ cold – go play in the snow”

‘Cause these white bitches still roll, OJ in the cold

I hope it’s all good like a field goal when touchdown like a end zone

If that bitch don’t lick cock, nigga, kick rock like a Flintstone

See, you give me your pebbles, I’ll give you this bam-bam

You booed-up with an amateur, just call me the sandman

Lookin’ at my Rollie, it’s my motherfuckin’ time

Tell that nigga clean my wheels and make them motherfuckers shine