Kublai Khan Balancing Survival And Happiness, Pt. 1

In other people I’ve lost most faith

But who’s to say I’m not viewed the same


Here’s to me

I am in need

Because I want not need

Not feeding the hungry

No soothing relief

Now look down on me

I am the worst of these

Because I beg for more

Knowing other’s need

Applaud me

I’ll bow

As I pat my own back

For thinking good thoughts

Tilt your nose up

The balancing act

Hang my head as these problems

Scream out

You selfish fuck [2x]

Children cry

People die

Countries fight and all I

Do is think of myself

Such is human nature

I’ve lost my way

But I was given two hands to help too

Human rights

Drone strikes


Public lies

What can I do? [2x]

In other people I’ve lost most faith

But I’m trying to fix my mistakes

We’re all balancing survival and happiness