Kublai Khan The Guilty Dog


Am I though I try

To look otherwise

Laugh or smile

Disguise or rather hide

The insecurities is it I feed

You ask

Why mask what the fuck is going on with me?


Why should you care?

And I remember thinking to myself

God if you’re up there send me down someone

Who gives a fuck

It’s hard living, it’s hard times

In my mind

Doubt everything around me

Yet I say

You’re not fine

I tell myself

You’re not right

It’s insane the things I wish that I had felt

Like the piercing sting of a father’s belt

Because tough love is still love

Love’s tough, I know this much

I’ll tell you right now motherfucks life’s harder when you got none


And yet still I try

They say the guilty dog barks first

And I’ve been barking till my fucking throat hurts


For many years I’ve tried

To escape what makes me, me

But all I wanted my whole life was for someone to give a fuck