Madness Decieves The Eye

In the earliest days of my shoplifting career

You could safely say I was filled with fear

It was nail biting work from the very start

But several quick successes soon gave me heart

After a while I could pick or nick with ease

Some shirts some trousers and a few LPs

No-one ever stopped me they didn’t seem to care

It sometimes seemed to me that there was no-one there.

Then a fine summers day my mates and me

Set off down the West End on our usual spree

Things were as normal for an hour or so

Then my nimble hands were a bit too slow

Two store detectives made a fast approach

One grabbed my jacket and said you’re nicked

The other grabbed my throat

So they caught me at last, one said with joy

You’ll have to do some time my light fingered boy

If only I’d remembered my common sense

They captured me red-handed with evidence

If I go to the manager and say I’m sorry

Maybe he’ll forgive me for my youthful folly

But what will me social worker say

If I don’t come home today

He’ll give me a clout

What if they don’t let me out

I told him I’m on me own

Don’t they understand

I’m from a broken home

I’ll tell them I’m the product of a broken home,

And I always went out on my own

Was it too late to say I’d pay

And I’ll never steal again ’till the end of my days

Because I have no friends to call as such

Money and possessions I did not have much

So I started to steal in order to get by

The quickness of the hand deceives the eye

Deceives the eye the eye the eye…