Mark Chesnutt Things To Do In Wichita

Wake up make my way down to the lobby

Get a bite to eat and a cup or two of coffee

Read USA Today front to back

Kill most of the mornin’ doin’ that

Then take that lonely walk back to the room

Watch reruns off and on all afternoon


Things to do in Wichita

So many things I can’t count ‘em all

Find a way to bring her back

Find the words to let her know

That I’ve changed I really have

Hit redial on the phone

Leave another message at her mom’s

Tell her baby you were right and I was wrong

hope and pray and wait for her to call

I’ve got things to do in Wichita

Now sundown now that’s when things get tough

Gotta work to keep my strength and courage up

Says a happy hour in the bar downstairs

She’d be proud to know I ain’t set foot in there

Spend the nights trying to be a better man

Reading from that book in my nightstand


Tell myself to just stay strong

Kill the lights and lay here all alone

Say a prayer that tomorrow she might call

I’ve got thing to do in Wichita