Martika Water

Like water

You see into me

You reach into me

And I ripple round in circles


Of my dreams in yours

Bring me to the shores of desire

I have been like a desert creature

Wandering on this earth so cracked and dry

Only to survive

But now your love is bringing me alive

Like water

How could I do without you

My body heat will not cool down

Like water

I could not live without you

I want to dive so deep into you I might drown

Tu eres como el agua

You know me

An invisible line

Connects us in time

And now there is no distance

Between us

You see what I feel

And all I am feeling is you

Tu eres como el agua

No se que haria sin ti mi amor

Yo no pudiera vivir sin ti

Quiero ahogarme en ti y nunca


Como el agua me ves tan clara

Siempre puedes tu llegar a mi

Me siento tan feliz

Tu amor me da razon para vivir

Like water

Like water