Phish Train Song

All the way home we felt we had a chance

To review the coulds before we were born

And to invite a new game of can’ts

Absorbed in the clouds a voice from afar said

“With the right device you can make a pattern grow

Or you can tune up your car”

So we stayed on the train admiring the time

As the lights of the city drew near

We drank a little wine

They were blurry and green outer space in between

With a depth and a form unclear

Then we saw it up ahead

A flickering lantern lit up on the tracks

In the rugs that had covered up the bridge

From the banks of a river to the bed

Of the valley upstream to the place we live

The glass on the lantern cast back the sight

Of a drive-in movie we drove by below

We saw where we’d been in the pictures within

Projecting all the places we would go

So we follow the scene and flowed up your steps

To a smooth wooden floor in a trance

The train whistle melody woved through the trees

And in through the door to signal the turns of a dance