Public Enemy Preachin To The Quiet

[verse 1]

Celebrity the new drug

In america

Gotta have it

Gotta be it

So the young ones see it

Watch out now

Looka here now

In these get rich or die tryin times

Greed that i see

Got these cats

Whipped by tv

3 generations of fatherless women

We drownin instead of swimmin

This aint what yall asked for

Thats what they locked ya ass up for

And closed the door

Beyond these streets

These kids is always watchin

See it aint been the same

Since teen summitt left the game

Off the air, who cares?

Now kids get programmed

Ask their peoples

Who buy them almost everything the stars wear

People see , people do

See the new pied pipers

Got a hold on you

Back to the boogaloo

Get a shot

So you wont catch the flu

Dont get shot

And get a hole in you

[verse 2]

Im talkin advanced

But goin back at the same time


So what, some of this song dont rhyme

Like i said

Most of us get ghetto at the wrong time


So leave a little room for god

Up in here

Back in the day

Even real pimps, hustlers, players

Told young cats

Cmon get their lives on track

These raps you hear today

Is a bad ass act

Im here to tell it

Like it ought to be

It aint no kids fault to me

35 year olds

Actin 16

Know what i mean

You dont work, mean you dont eat

You need more than a ball

And some bomb ass beats

New kicks on your feet

Need your mind in these time

To compete

Make your world complete

Sweet not sour

Thats what they really call fightin the power

[verse 3]

Here it is , no fable

I put it all on the table

Spendin my time

Identifyin whos behind

Some of these labels

Who profit off the spit

Some of the same way same cats

That owned them ships


Its a business

Butslavery was too

Prison industrial complex

New slavery lookin to own you

Ownin the labels , stations, jails and cemeteries

Thug life

Turnin hip hop into a one stop shop

Somebody behind

Makin up your own damn mind

Signed , sealed delivered

In a nigger package

So dumb you cant hear

The ignorance protected

By the backpacker

Who co signed the say so

Claimin they dig the flow

Filled wit jim crow

Return of the old negro

How you gonna say no to drugs

If you dont say no to thugs

See the government

Sweep it deep

Under the rug