Radical Face Baptism

Back when I used to wander, I was always out looking for signs

But they were never there, so I’d pull ’em from the air

We all believed in something, but like you I can’t say why

It’s just a whisper in our ear, or a bottle for our fears

Hold me to light, let me shine

Come hold me to the floor and say it’s alright

Come hold me ‘neath the water’s skin until I’m new again

And I said what I was thinking: now you can’t see what’s good ’til it’s gone

Then there’s something to be said for a place to lay your head

You told me I was simple, and you injured me with that piece of my mind

And I listened to the creek and it did much more for me

I’ll hold you to the light, let you shine

I’ll hold you against the floor and say it’s alright

’cause down beneath the water’s skin where we will swim

And there’s diamonds on the surface then

And, they’ll come clean us, we’ll both live again

These days I barely wander, and I don’t need no more of them signs

I’ll just breathe in all that air and be happy that it’s there