Randy Newman Best Little Girl

[Devil:] Once knew a girl

Her name was Barbara

Cutest little muffin you have ever seen

Livin’ in St. Louis

Chase Hotel

[Lord:] I know the place

[D:] And she lived there

With her mommy and her daddy

And her little brother Skipper

Who was just thirteen

[Backup Devilettes:] Just thirteen

[D:] Went to Church every morning

Said their Prayers real loud every night

She was the best little girl

In the whole damn town

[Lord:] Watch it, Devil

[Devil:] Sorry, Lord

But you know I’m right

You know I’m right

One morning in the lobby

I whispered in her ear

“Honey it’s too hot today to go to school

Whyn’t you call up

that cute little lifeguard?

He’s out by the hotel pool”

They drank all her daddy’s whisky

And they took all her mama’s pills

They were found the next day

Drowned in their own vomit

[Angels gasp]

Poor little fool

Poor little fool