Romeo I Need A Stallione

[Romeo: talking]

Ay Chip you a fool for this one man

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

I need a Stallione

I need a Stallione

I need a Country fide Chick who keep her hair done

(Now I’d don’t wanna have to walk up and dance all round

Then I leave you with that look like I ain’t wanna be down)

Now come closer

Come closer

If your looking real right I might approach yea

(Now I’d don’t wanna have to walk up and dance all round

Then I leave you with that look like I ain’t wanna be down)

[Verse 1: Romeo]

You got your hair done yup

And you nails too

I see your sister looking she can get it too

What you doing later

I’m something like a player

Whatever in them jeans

Rising like an elevator

White Tee, black fitted

Yea I’m real hood

Hips like Trina

Lips like Megan Good

Hey you a school girl

Well its cool to me

I think I’m sprung shorty come and meet the family

Just relax shorty this ain’t the after party

But we can take it to the crib if your getting naughty

I’m on the floor now

She grinding slow now

Forget first base I’m about to catch a touchdown

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

[Verse 2: Gangsta]

I pull up, I pull up my blue Jeni

I’m liking a girl that shake the thang

Up in bokini

She was a boqueeny

I’m trying to holla at her

I mean it

Holy mama yea fine yea no

Wanna see yea back it up and jiggalate on the floor

Now hop up in the circle and bounce that thing

You can serve it, yo can flip it, jiggalate on the thing

You can tweark that thing

You can shake that thing

You a big fine woman then take that thing

Now wobble out

Now catch the cash

Now shake it fast

Bounce out

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

[Verse 3: T-Bo]

Catch me in the club jiggilating to the beat

Red monkeys on I disagree

Painted apes on my feet

Trying to find me a chick wit a face like Christina

and butt like Buffy but a freak like Adiana

I think I seen her

Boy black you know what I’m into

I don’t need a dime

I’ll take a 9 with potential

Gutta boy and I’m so fresh

Stay riding on the stallione

Like the wild wild west

Yes, go on let me see yea work it quick

Girl I’m wit my click

I don’t care about the jerk you wit

Young Rome getting grown

So its on me

Another telephone to keep up with all these Stalliones

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]

[Verse 4: Blakk]

See Blakk on the track making history

Ex specially when Rome told Chip to make the beat

Its a Gutta music thing

I’m so nasty

Plus she look like a biscuit when you walk past me

Why don’t you try over here

Ma your to far off

I’m on a mission trying to get your drawers off

Lets just say she like me

When she see ridden big

She gonna love me in the morning

If she fall for this jig

[Hook: Gangsta, (T-Bo)]