Romeo Pops, I’m A Hustla

[Romeo: talking]

Yea uh-huh-uh

Hey pops

I had to do it to em man


[Pre-Hook x2:]

I’m a hustler never sold drugs

Kill is in my blood I was born to be a thug

[Verse 1: Romeo]

Mouth full of gold

Jewels un froze

I’m glow-glow-glowing

But my name aint dro

C-p-3, C-P-T

I got the whole hood yelling

They want me

P. Miller wheels

Iced out grills

The house on the lake cost at least six mill

Dude your too small

Better get some hills

You messing with the president

My soldiers kill

Kinda on my truths

So I never had to fight

But like your grandma said

Even nice thugs fight

Only hang with black sheep I’m the only one white

Why be wrong when I can be so right

I make it rain all day and all night

Kill the blind walk on water evey time.

I’m a hustla just asks pops

Sold mill on theses record I ain’t have to get shot

[Pre-Hook x2:]

I’m a hustler never sold drugs

Kill is in my blood I was born to be a thug

[Hook x4: Romeo]

I’ma hustler, pops I’m a hustler homie, yea

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]

[Verse 2: Playa]

I’m on the grind making money

Fling it to then fens

Breaking down keys

On the triple beam

If you wanna get wit me

Then come with 23

I got that brown that white

Buy one get one free

Buying jewelery

VVS’s in my teeth

My family gotta eat

Thats why I’m constantly in the streets

I got that work for dirty

If you want it come and get it

Me and Rome getting paid

And we keep it safe wit

[Verse 3: Tank]

I’m a west coast hustler

West coast birta

Rep south Central

Front line soldier

Who can make the club bounce

Run them little girls out

Gutta chain shining

Whips just reclining

I’m always about dough

Hard on the oh

Dudes break dough I’m a young 64

Up and down the streets grinding

The po’s cant find em

Where your boy at?

I’m in the mow hard timing

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]

[Verse 4: C-Los]

I’m gutta gutta

Thugging, hustling fo’ real

Like its ill

It’s still here first


I’m a hustler I don’t settle for a couple of mill

I want the whole enchilada

Like a couple of bill

I’m a hustler like my daddy, like my brother, like my momma

Number one and 9 to 5’s

And nigga real selling papa

Stay tacked for them jacks

And a tuck on the glock

Thats cause I stay on my grind like

I’m pumping a lot

[Verse 5:]

When it come to shapes and cubes

I get it by two

Break it up like fist fights

And push it all the way through

Let my chick set sail like my bro’s on a cruise

Gutta music got stacks

We’d ball on the screw

Order be cool

You don’t wanna star on the news

Grow weed in Louisiana animals

Like Autum Bensue

I’m a fool

Get money, get Cash

Let them haters hate

Now I’m on the blocking pumping bass

Like the 808

[Pre-Hook x2:]

[Hook x4: Romeo]