Sonny & Cher Living For You

The summer flowers are waiting

The birds are made for mating

A bee was pollinating

And I was calculating

Like a silly fool

Wondering what to do

Wondering what to do

I played the part of a queen

Sitting up on a throne

I had lots of guys

But no one I wanted to call my own

Deep down inside

I felt the same as you

Wondering to wondering to

Wondering if it happens

Like it happens to millions before

I took one look at your face

I wanted to see it some more

And I tried playing it cool

Like a silly fool

Wondering what to do

Baby I knew that

I couldn’t live without you

I ran right home

And I wrote a song all about you

Nothing like this

Had ever happened to me before

I was afraid but I knew

I had to see you once more

Yeah, yeah

My minutes turn to hours

My hours turn into days

My road ahead got straighter

I exited my maze

And I did something new

I started living for you

I started living for you