Tedashii Complicated

[Verse 1 – Tedashii:]

Uh, complicated

Man you don’t know the half of it

Talkin to myself I need help

Feelin empty like I never had nothing

Torture, man it feel like torture

It’s not like I was out chasin after money and tryna get the fame and the fortune nope

Just doin what we always (do) care without a clue

That’s when I got the phone call

Man now what I’m supposed to do

Maybe if I would’ve stayed home

Maybe if I wasn’t so busy

But maybe is a maybe

A vicious serpent that leave you feelin dizzy like

[Hook – Christon Gray:]

I don’t know

I think I forgot to stop it all and now I just be on the go

I should’ve been there when you needed me really I meant to be

This wasn’t even the plan but it all just went differently

It just went differently, yeah

Tell me when it got so complicated

I don’t know I don’t know

Never used to be this complicated

Maybe I should just take it slow

[Verse 2 – Tedashii:]

Slow, feel like everything movin slo-mo

But I recognize this, easy to spot like a logo

They say it’s the calm before the storm

But how do you prepare who do you warn

How do you recover once it come

And move on after the damage is done

I don’t know everything

Everything feel messed up

I feel confused all alone in my hole still dressed up

In a suit and tie

Askin who am I

It’s the truth they lie

When I do I cry

In my crew they like

Man I need to take time and slow it down

Cause you don’t know what you be doin out here

All of my pains be [?]

Yeah ain’t none of us safe like you in the clear

Foreign to this but they new to this here

This the only way that I know life

Remindin me of my old life

It’s all bad and we don’t know why

We need to take time to slow it down (down)

Man I’m not too different from the rest of y’all

How I trotted in my pain

You might be a part

I’m too busy out there livin I ain’t tryna stop

They say I should slow it down but they don’t know it all

Out hearin what they sayin man so do I blow it all

But if I choose to do that then will I blow it all

All I know is I that I’m really trying not to fall

Swear this life is complicated

My God