The Georgia Satellites Baby So Fine

Get myself a window seat

strap myself in,

listen to the whining of the southbound DC-10

driver come on now

I bet she’s waiting at the gate

I got the ‘Mats on my Walkman

singing “I just can’t hardly wait”.


We’ve been apart all those lonely days and nights

now we’re going to be together

I’m going to squeeze and hold you so tight

Baby so fine

this sweet love of yours and mine

Baby so fine

now we’re going to take our precious time.

Step out on the rampway

there’s a great big smile upon your face

and I know deep down in my soul

there’ll never be another one to take your place

I want to take you by the hand

I got to try to make you understand

you’re the only woman I could ever want

and I’m your one and only sweet lover man

[repeat chorus]