The Midnight Beast Bassface

Walk in the party like I smell a fart

The girlys can’t control their private parts

Facepalm the women they can’t get to me

Only one woman here I wanna see

Whisper ‘I wanna get inside of you’

(I wanna get inside of you)

She whispers back ooh ooh ooh

(At least that’s what I hear)

She says she wants to take this kind of slow

Then I’m riding her on the dance floor like a rodeo

If I’m going to be your boyfriend

I better put you in your place

‘Cause if you’re going to be my girlfriend

Party people in the place

I rock a pretty bad bassface

My little sister’s turning six today

She asked if I could be the house DJ

Mum got me a table in the V.I.P

I’m getting dollars and the coke is free

My little sister’s friends are party poops

So I put acid in the apple juice

I said to this girl ‘wanna do some dancing?’

Next thing we’re grinding to the Lion King

If I’m going to be your boyfriend

Let me lick your gorgeous face

But if you’re gonna be my girlfriend

I better warn you just in case

I got a pretty bad bassface

Someone, save me!

We don’t want a dead Dru Wakely

Guys be crazy when I rock a bassface to their lady

My bassface brings all the girls to the yard

And the boys get annoyed when their dicks get hard