The Replacements White And Lazy

I can wake up in the morning

Gonna stay up afternoon

Don’t lie in a stutter

Get myself in my mood, yeah

Gonna get the corner baker

And I’ll attend to my maker

I don’t take no cigarettes

They got a mood

Gonna spend my money on a sweet and sexy

Girl around, make me jealous

I can’t a cannibal

too fuckin’ weird up to her

Lazy, I’m white, I am sick

Don’t guess it’s too bad what thermometer said

Gonna take myself medicine

I’ll spend my money on a swingin’ chick

Return around and make sick

And I got some money

Till we fly

I’m lazy, I’m white, and I’m sick

(1, 2, 3, 4)

(Lazy!) I’m lazy

(White!) I’m white

(Lazy!) I’m lazy

(Sick of nothing)

(Lazy!) I’m lazy

(White!) White

(Lazy!) Lazy

(Sick of nothing)

(Lazy!) Lazy

(White!) White

(Lazy!) Lazy

(Sick of white!)



(Sounded good in here)