The Tragically Hip Greasy Jungle

Greasy jungle, metropolis noir

Easy tangles the easiest so far

I drove down your road

To Hazeldean where I tasted

Your funeral home’s

Sandwiches and coffee

I saw your hands melt

Into one another

I saw you grieve and grow

Care a lot about one another

I stood at your sink

And I felt your warm water

I washed your dishes

And I looked out your kitchen window

Where I saw a soulful

Gymnast melt in the air and shudder

Just above the snow

Making moves that just weren’t there

Velvet callow

With wet hands I turned out the lights

And breathing shallow

Hesitated then went upstairs

Where I picked up your housecoat

Dried my hands and touched your hair

And just then you awoke

You could never really barely care

Greasy jungle, metropolis noir