Tinie Tempah Mosh Pit


Oh my golly gosh shit

I think I lost it

I be what they talking ’bout

And why they gossip

This for them ghetto kids

And them posh kids

I make ‘em turn there speakers up a couple notches

Them Jordan Spizikes on my feet looking spotless

I be on that heavy metal wave and that rock shit

Bitch I’m thirty thousand feet meet me in my cock pit

I be in the middle of a motherfuckin’ mosh pit

Living kinda lavish

Fashion week in Milan fashion week in Paris

Everyday I’m fucking some one different on my mattress

I be one night standing I ain’t tryna be romantic

Yeah they call me Tinie but I’m bout to be gigantic

It’s a madness every single time I’m landing back in Stanstead

Did my thing up at the Brits

And now I’m eyeing up the Grammys

The music got me moshing like I’m angry


Mind over matter

You ain’t even on my level you don’t even matter [x2]

Where my fucking mosh pit [x4]

Oi watch how I handle this like Ong back

Pure elbows

Mind out mind out mind out


Rocking a roley

Got my dick on your girlfriends shoulder

And I’m far from sober

Ain’t nobody controlling or holding me

I’m breaking the law breaking the law

See me in a mosh pit step to me

What are you waiting for

What are you hating for

All I do is back beef

What do you cater for?

Worldwide jet setter

I’m gonna take a tour

You’re gonna date a hoar

She’s gonna take you for a fifty fifty

With that bullshit miss me

Got a pocket full of pounds and they’re extra crispy

Top boy in my town you can check the history

I’m a stone cold bredder and I’m extra misty

And I fight like a gypsy

Flier than a six speed

Going somewhere fly where the chicks be

Keep a couple high bredders with me

Roll up the spliff take a hit of this piff G quickly

Now I’m rolling stoned and I’m in my zone

I’m a east side bredder yeah that’s my home

Its the land of the hammers better watch your tone

You don’t wanna see me put a hammer in your dome

I’m Iron maiden you breeders are fading

I’m running this game what the hell are you playing

What the hell are you saying

And my crew come through balls on parade

And you don’t wanna be brave

You just wanna behave

And all I wanna do is kick back in the Caymans

But I don’t mind killing you for entertainment

Nobody can save ya

Call Jesus Christ or just change your life

You ain’t playing alright cos you ain’t the type

Don’t know why you wanna be up in the hype

When I’m in the mosh pit all day and night

Don’t chat to me if you ain’t ready to fight alright.

Mind over matter

You ain’t even on my level you don’t even matter [x2]

Where my fucking mosh pit [x4]