Tommy Page I’m Falling In Love

I’ve been searching all my life

for someone like you

and I don’t believe in love at first sight

but I know this feelings are true

and when we’re together I want it forever

It’s you I adore

It goes without saying

You’re what I’m praying for


I’m falling in love

My dreams are coming true

I’m falling in love

I’m falling, falling for you

Empty space inside been gone ever since we met

I don’t see shadows when your light is on

With you my life is safe

And when I’m by your side

I’m shivering inside

My heart begins to pound

I’m feeling, feeling it

Never felt before

With you, it’s something I fall


And I can see in your eyes

You’re falling for me too (I’m falling for you)

I like to be with you, till the end of time

Cause I’m falling for you