Total When Boy Meets Girl

[Hook by 112:]

Baby I can’t figure it out,

Your kiss is just like honey.

[Repeat throughout song]


You can’t deny what you feel for me,

Baby, baby, baby, baby.

See love comes once so let’s take it babe,

Baby, baby.

[Verse 1:]

Tell me baby,

If I need you you’re here with me.

Show me baby,

That the love we share is real.


[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]

I need you baby,

Let me show you the way to my heart.

Trust me baby,

And so I won’t let you go away.


You said that love was too confusing,

But see I’m so relaxed I will let it lead the way.

Uncontrollably no one can refuse it,

See I’ve got to have that loving once again.

[Repeat Chorus (x2)]

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus (x2)]


If loving you is wrong,

I don’t want to be right now baby

[Repeat to fade]